One of Us

If you know anything about my taste in music, you know that I am a huge fan of the singer/songwriter genre. Dave Barnes fits into this category and is probably one of my favorites of all time. In fact, we are going to see him in concert this Saturday (my first night out since baby). His music has served as therapy to my heart and soul over the years and he continues to do so with his newest album, "Stories to Tell."

As Briggs and I were taking a walk, I was listening to his new album that came out yesterday. Then Dave's song, "One of Us" started to play. I immediately began crying as soon as I heard the first few lines. While staring at my baby and listening to this love-letter-of-a-song, I couldn't help to just stand in awe of God's grace. Welcome to being "one of us," my baby boy.

Another blessing is that I was able to catch multiple smiles of our boy today! Here is the progression of smirks to a giant baby grin! I'm SO in love with this boy:

Newborn Photo Sesh

I knew about a week before Briggs was born that I wanted to have a newborn photo session for him. They typically recommend that you get these done before they are 14 days old because they lose that "newborn look" by the third week, which was definitely true for Briggsy.

I had a few people in mind that I wanted to ask, and luckily we were able to find one of my friends (Cassandra Ginter) from the high school that could do it! She did an amazing job capturing some of our first moments with Briggs. She was also very flexible and patient that day because B was very fussy at that time and I was still dealing with the recovery of my bells palsy (as you will be able to see). I wanted to include those photos of me too because I figure they are a part of his birth story. So thank you Cassandra!

I hope you all enjoy the pics! These are so precious to us.

Our precious boy at 9 days old.

If the slideshow doesn't work, click on this link to view: 

And just as a comparison of how QUICKLY things change...this is what he looks like right now at approx. 45 days old. I am so thankful we had his newborn pictures taken when we did. It makes me realize I need to soak up and enjoy every moment along this journey with him.

how precious are those chubby cheeks and wrist rolls? love our big boy. this is why ryan calls him the monster baby.