Strolling Through the Park

My baby is 5 MONTHS OLD! To celebrate the special occasion, Briggsy's mommy and daddy both played hooky from work to take him to the park for the very first time. He mostly wanted to watch the big kids go down the big slides...we aren't there quite yet as you can see in the pictures.

We also gave him solid food (rice cereal) for the first time. He wasn't sure at first, but once he got the hang of it, he was eating like a little bird!

Happy 5 months, our little happy boy! We will always take time to have "days off" together!

Our Sperry Blonde Boy

I wanted to post a few pictures of our little Sperry boy. We received these precious size 2 Sperry Topsiders as a gift and he has been wearing them around. He loves to show them off to people. When people come say hi to him at the grocery store, he sticks his foot out to show them. Here he is modeling for us:

I also wanted to mention, that he is beginning to turn BLONDE! My son...blonde! I know his daddy is blonde, but I honestly thought the Mexican genes would sort of dominate. Haha. Say hi to my blonde boy!

Here's to you, Mrs. Matthews

They did it! Kara and Ryan are offish!

While they are off on their honeymoon, we have been able to skype. Here is one of the pictures Kara emailed me during one of her skype sessions with dad and Briggs.

The kids is becoming quite the character. Especially during the week of the wedding. And I have to brag on our little ring bearer. He was such a trooper during this crazy week. He got off schedule, he worked hard at practicing his ring bearing duties, and he slept during the reception in his Aunt Maria's and Aunt Mary Lou's arms so that mom and dad could have fun. I was asking a lot out of our almost 5 month old and I couldn't be prouder.

Briggsy so happy to practice the week of the wedding

Rehearsal time
He could get use to this

The real deal-our handsome little man

Briggs's (3rd) Trip to Fla

So if you search back to my very first entry, a little over a year ago, you will see that it all started in Florida at Siesta Key Beach. Our home away from home.

Siesta- home away from home
This is where I went to be with family during a trying, yet most wonderful time in my life. It was here, that my sister got engaged and where I told my family for the first time that I was pregnant. I was only about 5 weeks along then, but it was still Briggs's first time there.

Then we came back in October at 26 weeks pregnant...Briggs's second trip to Florida. (The kid is a traveler)

And finally, his first time on the other side, he arrives at 4 months old. It was hot, sticky and hot again. People probably thought we were crazy having a little baby out in the Florida sun. Well, I have two things to say to that:

1. Briggs is part Mexican- we are use to "South of the Border" type of heat.

2. Do you honestly think Ryan and I would leave our little baby in the blazing hot heat at any point in time? He was ALWAYS in the shade or in the water. Always wearing a hat and full body bathing suit...and despite our hispanic genes, just to take an extra precaution- he wore SPF 50.

Truly though, I (and Ryan) have never spent more time indoors while vacationing at the beach. But you won't hear any complaining here- it was such a breath of fresh air to get to be together as a family without worrying about the various distractions of life.

In addition to his first time at the beach, Grandma Kay Kay bought the whole family tickets to a Ray's game at Tropicana Field because the White Sox were in town. So our little Briggy Boy even got to experience his very first MLB game. (I even successfully nursed him at the top row under some bleachers without getting me 007- by the way, we have a very unsupportive society for nursing mothers)

Briggs received an A+ from the whole family for his first trip. That's a good thing because now we can take him again on the next one. :)