Nursery Time

Yesterday marked another milestone for our Briggs. It was not only his first visit to the church nursery but also the first time someone watched him besides my mom. I can't believe I was brave enough.

Ryan was away at Army for the weekend, so it was my dad, Kara, Phipps, Briggs and I. Mom was at home preparing for Kara's bridal shower later that afternoon. During worship (when he usually falls asleep) he was so happy. He was laughing and cooing away. This was fine while the sanctuary was loud with music and singing but I was stressed out about how he would react during the sermon. So Kara and I left to go take him to the "sleepers" nursery. Well I wasn't registered in the system yet, so one of the workers took us to the other side of the church to show us how to do it. On the way she asked if we were new to Kingsway. I replied with "no I've been here for over 22 years...I'm just new to bringing a baby!" The church doesn't pass out an instructions manual for expecting moms I guess.

When I finally got back to the nursery, I had to play 20 questions. When is his next nap? breast or bottle? Next feeding? How long should he cry before we call you? Pacifier or blanket?...just to name a few. Is it really that complicated? He's only 3 months old! His next feeding is when he's hungry. His next nap...when he's tired!? Do other moms already have their 3 month olds on a strict schedule? Am I really that laid back as a mom where none of these things really matter? Do I just suck? While Kara was consoling me that I really don't suck, we got it straightened out and that is when I had to give my baby to the nursery volunteers. My heart was aching as he looked at me with the those big blue eyes as we walked away. I told Kara as we walked back to the sanctuary, "I hope the other kids like him!" I can't even imagine what its going to be like on his first day of kindergarten.

His first nursery tag. 
During the entire sermon, my eyes were stuck to the screen where the numbers pop up for mom's to come pick up their crying babies. Briggs's number never showed up. Kara looked at me after communion and worded "winning." As soon as the congregation was dismissed, I booked it to the nursery to pick my baby up.

When I got there the women all looked so concerned and told me with the most serious tone "we think he might have some gas." Ummm...he's a baby....again. I told them he was probably just filling his diaper as I began to put him in his carseat. They insisted that I check his diaper before I leave. I told them it was no big deal, I live just down the road. They said, "no, we really insist you don't put him in his carseat before changing him." I thought it is really no big deal, but again, apparently I suck. So I changed the poor kid who just wanted his mommy. His diaper was barely dirty but whatever. Then I realized how dramatic I was being because Briggs was such a good boy during his first nursery trip. Maybe this is what I should really be focusing on. And really, I am appreciative to the nursery's just not easy for a mom.  I'm sure these type of things will never get easier either. How could it with this little face?

For Lily...

Dear Briggs,

I am so thankful that God has brought you to this family so that you can experience love meant for one of His children. We learn to cherish the small things every day, because we are not sure when God will call us up to join Him up above. Heaven gained a new little angel today. Your distant cousin Lily, still just a baby herself lost a battle to leukemia. But really she has won because she is now with Jesus. It is us still on earth who have lost. My heart goes out to her mom Jessica, and our cousins Beth and the rest of their family.

Grief is something as human beings we cannot fathom nor comprehend. Losing a loved one is the single most difficult thing you will experience on this earth. We need to remind ourselves to treasure the small gifts God gives us every day. That is why we are not going to worry about when you wake me up at 3am or when you are so overtired that you're crying and won't sleep or when you spit up all over me just before I go to work. I love you (even on the tough days) with everything I am. And today we will pray especially for Lily's family because tonight she is having her first slumber party with the angels.

Briggs's First Easter

Briggs attended his first Easter Church service at 8:00am on Sunday morning. It was an Easter miracle that we all made it there on time. (We are still getting used to getting the baby and ourselves ready to go places AND arrive on really is an art.) He was a bit fussy at the beginning. Ryan claims it was his first public embarrassment but I'm pretty sure it was only for 10 seconds and we were the only ones that really noticed. Afterwards, he slept the rest of the service. As daddy would say, "winning".

The rest of the day was spent with family and friends. We ate up the sunshine and feasted to celebrate our Lord and Savior. Briggs got his first taste of the Easter spirit with all the love.

One of the greatest gifts of the day was that we got to spend so much time with Uncle Lance. We watched the movie "To Save a Life" (which we highly recommend) with my family, Phipps and Lance. It was a great way to wrap up the incredible day.

Click the link if you cannot see the Briggs's Easter slideshow:

Say Cheese!

This last month has been quite an adventure for Mr. Briggs. He hit the big 2 month mark at a whopping 14 lbs and 24 inches! He was in the 85th percentile for height and 90th for weight. We sure know how to grow 'em around here!

His crying has definitely subsided. He is really a very pleasant baby. He has his fussy moments but its always is for a reason. One of the greatest things is his smile. He is such a cheeser! He has the biggest happy smile during all hours of the day. He smiles when he wakes up, he smiles when he plays, he smiles when any of his grandparents talk to him and he even smiles when I play or sing FloRida's song "Wild Ones"...this is his favorite song currently because as soon as it stops he fusses and when he hears it again he is fine. Ryan hates the fact that I love America's Next Top Model, but I love it and if you are familiar with the show, you know that Tyra always talks about "smize" or smiling with your eyes. Briggsy has definitely got the whole "smize" thing down pat so I think Tyra would be proud.

Another HUGE event that happened this last week is that he is consistently rolling over from his belly to his back. We all cheer him on and go crazy for him when he accomplishes his goal. He loves the attention and applause. We go way overboard I'm sure- but isn't that what parents and grandparents are supposed to do?