Different Strokes for Different Folks

Briggs has hit the 9 month mark. This wild child has officially been rolling, kicking, laughing and screaming on the outside as long as he did on the inside.

Before our trip to Florida, I took him in for his 9 month check up. Our little butter ball of a guy has gone from the 90th percentile in weight (at 2 months old) to only the 15th percentile at 9 months. The doctor reassured a panicky first time mom that this is totally normal for breast fed babies. At 2 months old he was 14lbs. At 9 months old he weighs in at 18lbs 3oz. He was 29.25 in. long (80th percentile) and his head circumference was 46.2 (75th percentile- a Robinson for sure).

So those are all his stats on paper. In other milestones, he has 2 teeth (finally), he can wave hi and bye. He can nod yes and no. He is starting to answer us when we ask if he wants "more" food with the signs we show him. He is still not sleeping well through the night- (I will do things much differently with our next child in this regard.) He is still quite the snuggler. He is easily entertained. He is very chill when hanging out and meeting new people.

The funniest "development" for him is that he is ABLE to crawl but chooses not to. Don't get me wrong. He can get from point A to point B without any problem- its just his way that is hilarious. He will roll, crawl backwards, slip and slide, army crawl or even sit and pivot then sit and pivot. I'm honestly surprised I haven't witnessed him crab walk across a room yet. He will crawl to me when I pick him up after work, but besides that he is not interested. I get it though- he literally is marching to his own beat.

I love how much he is soaking in every day. He is learning at such an accelerated pace that I can't even keep up. It's like in some aspects I still want to treat him like a baby but he is ready to be a big boy. He is crazy and curious and very wild. His 9 month pictures were impossible to take as you will see by our "outtakes." I love his happy screams and his other idiosyncrasies. One of my favorites is that whenever he is tired he starts to rub his ear. At first I was worried that he had an ear infection, but it's his way to soothe his sleepy self. And once in a while, we will get a double ear rub- then we know we are cruisin' for a snoozin' for sure.

I love this kid and all the personality that comes with him.

He wouldn't even consider looking at me without the paper in hand.

Mr. Mischievous at your service
Man on the Move

Florida Blessings

Our whole family just got back today from our other home in Siesta Key. (Whole family including mom, dad, Kara, Ryan M, Phippsy, my Ryan and Briggs and I.) I am telling you, October is hands down the best time to go to Florida- especially with a baby. Unlike our May trip with a 4 month old, we found Florida's October weather to be much more tolerable and much less crowded. Plus having a 9 month old was fun because he was so much more aware. (Um yes he turned 9 months while we were there- I don't know if I have come to terms with that yet.)

I think just on the first day I was able to spend more time outside on the beach than I did collectively the whole time we were there in May. It helped a lot that Briggs was able to take his naps on the beach (thanks for that baby). This Florida trip created so many good memories with my wonderful family:

(I know some of these are minor, but when you have a little one, you tend to enjoy the little things that you didn't realize before.)
  • Beach Days with Briggs
  • Sitting by the dock and watching the boats go by
  • Bocce and other various sports
  • Reading by the pool
  • Enjoying dinners with a baby who was distracted by his sweet potato puffs
  • Family cookout on the beach
  • Boat day on the inter coastal
  • A Buccaneers game and meeting up with Tay
  • Sunset at the marina
  • Daily morning walks on the beach with my two boys
I'm happy to be home but I'm always so appreciative to have little breaks from the daily grind. It's nice to stop and just enjoy the blessings-

Adventures with Briggs 6,7&8 Months

Thanks to mostly iPhone videos, I was able to compile what Briggs has been up to these last few months. As you can see this kid is never happy :)

These past few months:
  • He celebrated his half birthday with friends and family
  • He goes to the park (a lot)
  • He went on some overnight trips with mom and dad to the JW downtown for mom's birthday and to Chicago for Sadie's wedding
  • He still loves music and loves to dance
  • He loves discovering new things to play with
  • He is quickly trying all sorts of new foods. His favorites are bananas and sweet potato puffs.
  • By 7 months he was finally able to sit up on his own without toppling over
  • He can't crawl yet (but he can lean with it and rock with it)
  • He is finally getting a tooth!
This guy is too fun. Enjoy!

The Naked Puppy

Briggs's new thing is sticking his tongue out like a puppy! He even tries to pant like one. I can see where he gets this because he is always around a dog- either Lola or Bailey (my mom's pup). So apparently he thinks in order to fit into the family, you need to be a puppy.

So we'll play along for now.

Puppy right before bath 

After All

Sadie's wedding this passed weekend was one of the most beautiful I had EVER witnessed. It was SO Sadie. It was so nice seeing my friends in Chicago and getting to spend the weekend with our whole family.

Funny story about the weekend- Ryan and I were so paranoid leading up to the trip because of the sleeping situation. My mom, dad, sister and her husband Ryan all shared a room with Ryan, Briggs and I. Since Briggs has not been sleeping through the night, we were worried about what kind of disturbance he would be and whether or not we would have to spend our night in the lobby with a wakeful baby.

It turns out, we didn't need to worry. Briggs did have his moments, but his Uncle Ryan snored so loud that he won the loud boy prize. So thanks for taking the pressure off, Uncle Ryan!

sweet, sweet chicago

the most handsome guy on the block

our family
On the actual wedding day Sadie, Austin and the rest of the bridal party traveled via trolley and went to at least 7 locations around Chicago for pictures. I honestly got a tour of Chicago and saw places that I had never seen before. They will have the most stunning pictures I'm sure. Hopefully she will let me post a few once she gets them back.

I think my favorite moment of the day is when Sadie walked down the aisle. She traveled down to the alter during the bridge to the most beautiful David Crowder Band song "After All (Holy)" I had never heard it but now... I. CAN'T.STOP.LISTENING.