winter + spring 2015 video

Winter and spring has been a very busy time for the Robinson clan. These kids have been the sweetest during mom and dad's crazy working hours. Thankfully, they are so loved by not only our family, but our "like family" who have helped watch our precious ones during these busy months. I love that B + K have each other and that they are truly becoming best friends.

We can't wait for the weather to start warming up, but we are making the most of these chilly months with lots of zoo days, outdoor play, "small world" reenactments, dance parties & play dates. The best part about these videos we make, is that Briggs watches them about 5x in a row. As he's watching, he just sits there, smiles & laughs. :) So here's another, Briggy boy. Enjoy!

Kerigan's First Steps

At 16 months old, we finally have a baby girl walker! Yay Ker! We are so proud of you little bear!