"Mama's" Creeper

At 8 months, our little babe is talking up a storm. We may not be able to understand this secret language of his, but he seems to think that he has some very important information to share. We hear a lot of "mamama" (I'm calling it now- his official first word is "mama") and we hear screams of joy, and a lot of other happy (and mad) shrills. He has the gift of gab.

He has also become quite the social bug. He has been busy on play dates with his friends both young and old. He always puts on a show and is very chill and pleasant when others are around. But when its just mom and dad, the pouting begins. 

My poor child is just like his mama when it comes to his separation anxiety. This has been our biggest issue this month. He is awesome during the day. Then at night he has to be rocked to sleep. Then around 12:30-6:00am we have about 3-4 wake up calls. Despite, Ryan and I both being walking zombies, we are just trying to figure out the best way to get him to self-soothe. We will be seeing his pediatrician shortly, so this will definitely be one of the topics to cover.

We do not have a crawler yet. It's okay that he isn't creeping around yet though...because he can stay in one place and be perfectly content just playing with his toys. He starting to eat different foods (he loves sweet potato puffs). He is also sitting up so well that he had to be moved to the "Creepers" room at the church nursery. 

Despite his nightly awakenings, he is at a really fun age right now. His personality is shining though and he loves going on adventures with mom and dad! This upcoming month has a lot in store...a florida trip, halloween and new teeth!

he loves his new hat!

daddy and me
too big for the pumpkin seat...he's in the big boy convertible

My Best Friend's Wedding!

Today is Sunday, so it is officially wedding week! My pretty blonde ballerina is tying the knot on Saturday.

Austin, I promise not to try and steal your bride away like in Julia Robert's film. I won't have to. (because I know a part of her heart will always belong to me-hehe) But seriously, while I am at work meeting up at appointments or doing laundry or playing with baby, I am going to be praying for the upcoming nuptials of my beautiful friend. She is one of the most beautiful women I know but her external beauty does not hold a candle to her heart.

Austin and future Piller babies-you are very lucky to have this beautiful soul as the lady of your family. She is lovely, she is incredibly smart and witty. She is spiritual and a Jesus soldier. She is a teacher and a listener. She is a cheerleader and a confidant. She is a Disney movie watcher and a bunk bed cuddler. She loves culture and embraces and loves those who need loving. Ever since the first time the little mexican tomboy walked into her dorm floor and laid eyes on the tall blonde ballerina there has been love. It will never fade and will continue to grow stronger as we raise our families on this path God has blessed us to walk hand in hand on.

I feel so honored to be standing next to you on your wedding day. I wish nothing but happiness for my best friend and my new brother.

with all my love,


the cake at the shower for the future mr. & mrs. piller

the stunning strausbaugh sisters

all the girls at the shower in july
Todd & Copper forever and always.

happy wedding week sadie alyse strausbaugh.


Look like a Robinson, Act like a Vargas

My son does not act like he is only 7 months old. The kid knows how to work it. I am amazed by his ability already to read others' emotions and either mimic or correctly respond. And he always achieves this in dramatic fashion. I gathered a few pictures taken from the other day to prove my point.

He may look just like his father, but he acts just like his mom. He never wants to be alone. He always has to be touching someone. He loves to party...the more people the better. Any time he hears music, he starts bouncing to the beat. (He has way better rhythm than Ryan or have ever had.)

Knowing what I put my parents through growing up and even to this day...I have realized that their wild child is getting a little payback. At least I know things won't ever get boring around here!

Despite being a nut, he's actually quite fun. And I've decided, this kid is pretty cool.

the dramatics of briggs

hi im cute. and im mischievous. and i love dad. 

thanks for stopping by! love, briggs

Broad Ripple Birthday

Yesterday was my 27th birthday. And I got exactly what I wanted....a day with my family. Ryan and I took the day off and went on a day trip to Broad Ripple. We walked the Monon, drank a beer at Broad Ripple Brew Pub and spent the afternoon at the park with our baby.

It's funny how much life can change in just a few short years. For my 24th birthday I went to Broad Ripple as well. However, it was at a very different time and for very different reasons. While I loved the "party" phase in my young twenties, I am much more content today. I have an inner peace and constant joy that I couldn't claim then. 

I realize that with every birthday will come a higher number in age and while sometimes that seems a little scary, yesterday showed me that it's okay that we are all growing up. It's a part of life. And I am living mine to the fullest with those I love most.

Green Beans? No thank you.

When we first started feeding Briggs solid foods, my intentions were to be sure to feed him his vegetables first. So we fed him sweet potatoes and carrots- which he still loves. Before moving on to the greens, we tried out some fruit. He loves them so much he may just turn into a banana.

However, now he won't eat any of his greens! He is so dramatic whenever we try to feed them to him. This green bean video just goes to show what a ham he can be.

Are we torturing our child?