A Rhino, a frog and a fireman

So where is this rhino we speak of? We had a last minute wardrobe change. Halloween night was a our third of three dress up nights. The first two nights, Briggs wore his rhino costume with pride. He even won runner-up at a costume contest...thanks Phippy ;-)

Halloween night was a miserable, wet, cold dreary night. I wouldn't even let the princess frog out of the house. After visiting about 2 neighbors, Briggs and daddy called it quits. We were supposed to visit my parents afterward and Briggs fell asleep for the night before the party even started. Halloweens 2012 & 2013 proved to be more eventful for our little bug. Maybe he's calming down with age?

Along with Halloween, we made some great memories at the pumpkin patch...we dive head first into fall festivities around these parts.

This girl and her daddy <3 <3

Classic mean mugs

Sis, maybe some day you won't get your brother's hand-me-down costume with an added bow...some day

Love these babies!

October Siesta

We're back from our home away from home. The kids and I took went down to Siesta for a late October get away. The last time we were here was in May. Kerigan was only six months old then and it was so stinkin' hot that she wasn't up for play time at the beach.

This time around, she loved the sand and especially the pool. She was terrified of the ocean, though. At 2.5, Briggs decided he was going to swim in the ocean by himself! 

We really missed Daddy this week, but had a great time soaking up the Vitamin D. October is my all time favorite month to be in Siesta. The weather is perfect and its never really crowded.  My soul really needed this week without work interruptions though. I didn't carry my phone around. I didn't even bring my computer. My soul focus was Briggs and Kerigan. I think this was especially great for Briggs. Before florida, we had been going through a "time-out" streak. I think its just his cry out for mom's attention. Because now that we're home, its like a switch went off. He's back to his sweet self. 

So here is (some of) our week in photos. I wish I would have taken more photos...but it was tough wrangling the two without dad. Until next time, Siesta! xoxo

These babies love the beach!

Searching for alligators on an air boat

The ole Philippi tortuga (Briggs doesn't use their english name ever)

Big girl turned 11 months while down here! And she decided to finally crawl with four points...no more army crawling :)

Story time with Yaya

Squishies for Sissy

Headed home to daddy!

See you again soon, Siesta!

11 Month Mama's Girl

One more month until our bubbly baby girl is a YEAR OLD! 

Ryan I recently traveled to Sonoma to celebrate our five year anniversary...so I was away from the kids for about 8 days. (torture for my heart and torture for a nursing mom. sidenote-taking a break from my pump for A.VERY.LONG.TIME) While in Sonoma, we could talk and Facetime with Briggs. He got it. Baby did not. So since we have been back, she has been attached to me. Literally. My mom now refers to as velcro. :)

While the attachment makes it difficult to get anything done, I kind of love it. I'm hoping this phase sticks around for a while. 

Milestones and accomplishments this month:
-No more army crawling! The condo in Florida only has tile floors-so the army crawling was too cold for her. So she finally decided to start the big girl crawling.
-She still has just her two bottom teeth
-She can say "hi" and "bye"
-She loves waving and clapping (loves bopping and clapping to music)
-She can now say "no" and also shakes her head no a lot. (Even when she means yes :) silly girl)

Her birthday invites are going out soon. The them is Glitter and Gold for a our One-Year-Old. She's excited to celebrate soon. And me? Let's pause time for a bit...K?

I love the way her invites turn out! Typically I create them, but couldn't get the gold look I was envisioning. So I contacted DigiBuddhaPaperie on etsy and they helped me create it. They were great to work with and sent a high-res digital copy within 24 hours or so. 

Her first year collage is almost complete! I can't believe how quickly this year has flew by

I'm going to have to do some digging, but I have several baby pictures where I'm making this exact facial expression. Maybe I'll finally have a kid that looks like ;-)

Happy 11 Months, Baby Love! 

Five Years.

Five years! Five years I've been married to this wonderful human being. We celebrated our fifth year in wine country. We missed the kids like......no words can describe how much we missed them, actually. But our time together, just us, where our story began, was very much needed. 

We flew into San Fran. I had visited the city when I was a little girl, and to be honest, it didn't really meet my expectations. It was cloudy and a bit dingy. I realized more than ever, that my heart will always be a little bit "country," maybe even more than I previously knew. We escaped toward the hills and visited the golden gate bridge as much as possible. We liked it out there.  We also loved Sausasilito, which is the town across the bay. Not as crazy, much cleaner and overall, more relaxing. 

After a two days and a night in San Fran, we headed for Sonoma. Sonoma and Napa are valleys that are side by side in northern Cali. Sonoma was more laid back, more rustic, and more of a small town-which we loved! Wine makers would spend one on one time with you and go into detail in educating you on each of their wines. Napa was a little more commercialized and built up. Wineries seemed to try to get you in and out-but still worth the visit. The landscape in both were nothing short of breathtaking. 

Before we arrived in Cali, we knew almost 90% of the wineries we wanted to visit, thanks to the research and recommendations of the sweetest friend a girl could ever ask for (S.Pillerette). If you ever venture to Sonoma/Napa...I highly recommend you find a best friend to guide you before you go. ;-)

The days with just Ryan were perfect. It reminded me of the years leading up to our marriage. We always lived apart in different cities, but whenever we would meet up, we would make an adventure out of it in whatever location we were in...St. Louis, Nashville Tennessee, Columbus Georgia, Memphis, Barbados or right in our backyard. We eat where the locals eat, we soak up the culture, make friends with the townies and listen to their stories. We are both sometimes a little too "go with the flow" so if we want to accomplish a lot the next day, we really have to force ourselves to make plans and goals. But this is us. It what makes us tick.  He balances my drama, crazy dreams and multitasking overload and I would like to think I add a little adventure to his calm collectiveness. 

Thank you, my beloved, for five wonderful years. There's no one else I would rather be doing life with than you. You are my soulmate, my confidant and my partner in this incredible journey. You are everything that is love to me. 

One of my favorite bloggers, Soul Scripts said something that really resonated with me when she and her fiance got engaged. She wrote "Standing here today, we don't have it all figured out. But one thing is certain. God has intricately woven paths together for a beautiful purpose. With Christ at the center, we know that He will provide & equip us each day to bring glory to His name in our lives together"

Happy five years, to the greatest person I've ever known.

We love because He first loved us. (1 John 4:19)