Love Shoot

At 30 weeks and a few days, Ryan and I met Alyson Dant downtown at one of our favorite places in Indy. The Canal Walk has special meaning to us because it is where our reception took place on the night of our wedding. Since then, it continues to be a special local destination for the Robinson family. Ryan's office is right on the canal, so in the summer I often bring Lola and we will go for a walk on his lunch break and then set up for a picnic. It is also the location of Tri-Indy where Ryan competed this past August in a Sprint Triathlon and where I will be next year. It is truly one of our favorite places in our city. So this is why we chose to have our maternity shoot here. Alyson did an amazing job. I would recommend her to anyone! She really captured the love between us and for our little one. I can't wait to show these pictures to him someday.

You did an amazing job in capturing these moments. It is truly a gift. Thank you, Ally. XOXO

Indomitable Glee

33 weeks and 6 days Check-In:

I am sitting here at the office trying to be as proactive as possible before I take time off to have this little guy. Business is starting to pick up and a baby is on the way. In my current state, any woman who is trying to carry on with her pre-pregnancy daily grind is in all honesty, a superwoman. My mind and my drive are the same but my body puts up an epic battle every time I try to go back to my old Tasmanian Devil-like tornado ways. 

My Current Symptoms:
  • Fatigue...all the time. However, I have a hard time sleeping. This makes so much sense.
  • Brain Cloud- I've never been the sharpest tool in the shed but seriously, thanks to those wonderful pregnancy hormones, my brain is in a constant fog. I think I will shock the office when I come back to work without being pregnant. They will realize how much of a non-airhead I truly am.
  • Hip Pain-It get's worst by the day too. Sometimes at night I think I truly cannot take another step because my joints are so loose and painful that my hips are going to break like I'm a 95-year-old woman.
  • Leg Cramps-At least once a week, I wake up crying from the most painful Charlie Horse...poor Ryan probably thinks I'm having labor pains.
  • Indomitable Glee- You could wrap all of these negative side-effects into one and multiply it and I would still have a wonderful day. It's something more than just being happy. It's pure joy. Even if I am not talking about the baby, he is on my mind. My heart is in a constant state of a beaming smile. I see the world so much more optimistically. Every time the baby kicks me in the rib, it may be uncomfortable (he is VERY strong at this point), but I just look at it as God telling me he loves me. Ha. So cheesy, I know but isn't that what motherhood is all about? I feel as though I am truly a soldier of the Lord carrying on part of His higher purpose. It is the most magical feeling in the world. Carrying your child is truly a gift from the Lord. 
To wrap it up, I was watching the Preacher's Wife the other night. This is one of my all-time favorite movies with one of my all-time favorite women, my Whitney. (Whitney Houston- who I named my childhood puppy after.) I am a hormonal mess as it is, but it got me thinking of this song which took me over the edge. If I could put a message in a bottle for my little one to read right now it would say this: 

Shower by Missy

The hostess with the mostest did an incredible job! Thank you!!

Missy was sweet enough to host our second shower on November 20. Childhood, college and teaching friends showed up and showered us with love. It was so great getting to see all my friends that I haven't been able to be with much lately. Thank you all for coming and blessing us on this wonderful day!

My Sis was a huge help in both showers! She's the best aunt!
Betsy and I introducing the 2030 prom dates to each other!
Celebrating with the newly ENGAGED couple!
Jaeger gave baby boy way too much credit when guessing how big he was.
Grandma and Grandpa Vargas showing some love to their Grandbaby
Daddy and Grandma Robinson discussing the new little guy
Some of my wonderful friends from school
This little guy is going to be welcomed into the world with so much love!

Three Quarters

At 30 weeks (on November 16-I'm a little behind in my posts) we are three quarters of the way to meeting our little boy. We have been busy preparing the nursery, updating the house and assembling baby swings, bouncers, strollers, etc. Can you say, "nesting"?

The week I made it to 30, Missy hosted our second shower for us which I will post next. It was a wonderful shower with friends from college, school and growing up.

As far as updates on the baby, we are going to see the OBGYN every two weeks now until we hit 36 weeks. The baby is usually measuring right on schedule...sometimes a few days bigger. I love my bimonthly visits because I love being able to hear his heart rate and get the reassurance that he is growing on schedule.

Ryan and I have also begun a 7-week Lamaze Class at the hospital we are delivering at (IU North). It is so helpful preparing us both for what labor, birth and having a newborn is all about. Honestly, I was pretty open-minded to going "natural" without any meds during labor, however, after watching the first video the first night of class, I swayed directions. Ryan said I was cringing watching the women go through labor. It's not that I don't think I can handle it, but I would like the labor process to be something that is somewhat enjoyable and an experience I can remember. Ryan too feels like he is getting a lot out of the class. It makes me so proud when he asks questions before any of the other dads do. He said if it weren't for this class, he would feel like a deer in headlights when we actually go to deliver this baby. The class has made Monday nights something to look forward to. It is our half-way point between Avon (where I work) and Muncie (where Ryan works-hopefully he gets to come back to Indy soon) and its a time where just get to be together without any distractions- a time to enjoy each other and prepare for our little one.

Here are some belly shots of 30 weeks. At this point, I'm almost 32!