10 Month Minnie

Our minnie mouse is beginning to take on the characteristics of a big girl. She is dancing and clapping. She loves music. She is so curious about the world and the people in it. 

She is big enough now where she can join her big brother in the wagon. His feelings on the newest passenger: delight. 

Our big girl. 

The biggest accomplishment for Kerigan and mommy this month is that we have stored up enough milk to be a part from each other for EIGHT DAYS. Ryan and I have the opportunity to visit Sonoma. It's not the most kid friendly vacay, so the babes will be staying with my parents. My heart aches thinking about being away from my babies that long, but I know it is much needed for Ryan and I. 

In the meantime, I'm sure Cupcake will be entertained by Briggs while we're gone. Thank the Lord for facetime :) 

Happy 10 months, my girl!

B + K Happenings: Late Summer 2014 Edition

These past months God has grounded us to our roots. We have learned to appreciate the simple things: swings, cows, balloons, dancing, friends & family.

Briggs was in a family wedding with his best friend Kennedy and his favorite cousin, Baby Kinsie. He boogied the night away (with his large goose egg or what he refers to it as- his rhino horn). Rhino horn=Briggs got into a fight with the bottom of a bed frame. Bed frame won.

The night before Diane's funeral, Briggs gave us a scare by accidentally swallowing a quarter which brought us to the emergency room. The quarter is still in him but not a threat...we just have to wait it out.

Briggs has also taught us that he is a genius baby. At not even 2 and a half, he knows the alphabet backwards. He doesn't think it's a big deal...but mom's impressed. And I'm trying to learn from him. 

Lastly, Briggs has officially started preschool. He attends the academy at our church. His teacher has been teaching 2 year olds for 26 years and Briggs (and we) couldn't adore her more! We are so encouraged by the staff and their love for Briggs and their passion around a Christ-centered education. I am looking forward to all he accomplishes this year both academically and in his budding spiritual growth.

It's been a big adjustment for us without Nana. She always taught us the importance of family and to not sweat the small stuff. Here is a simple little video of mostly iphone pics that will help us to remember this precious time in our lives.