Wedding Pro

Our little Briggs has become a wedding expert this year With my sister and two of my best friends getting hitched this summer/fall, he really hasn't had much of choice.  It seems like every weekend we have had either a wedding, shower, or bachelorette party and he has been planning and participating like a champ.

At Brittani's shower a couple of weeks ago, he participated in the games, charmed the ladies, and even managed to take a little snooze. This past weekend, I went up to Wisconsin at a lake house for Sadie's bachelorette party. I spent 2 whole nights away from the little bugger. While my heart ached for him the entire time I was gone, I know that it was needed for Briggs and Ryan. They needed some bonding time especially when he has been so attached to me lately (major separation anxiety issues).

I also left the weekend feeling completely refreshed. Sometimes I think as moms (or just women in general) we get so caught up in doing things for others that we forget about ourselves. The weekend with my girlfriends was such a rejuvenation of my spirit that in turn, I came back ready to conquer the world and be a better mom to the baby and a better wife to Ryan. It just goes to show how therapeutic some time with your girlfriends can be and to always stay balanced.

Here are some pictures from Briggs's shower participation at Brittani's a few weekends ago.

Being selfish with my 7 month old

7 months old has proven to be a very colorful time for the baby. He had to have a minor surgery about a week ago and is almost completely recovered. Though, I'm not sure I am emotionally recovered yet. :)

With his surgery has come some separation anxiety. I know this is completely normal for babies his age. It can be exhausting sometimes when I can't even leave his sight without him getting fussy but deep down, I'm kind of...glad. He is not always going to want me by his side. And I know I am being selfish when I say this, but I kind of like that I am the one he wants most of the time. The feeling is mutual. So for now, I am going to enjoy this selfish time with baby because I know it won't keep.