A Baby Girl Shower

On August 18, my mom and I hosted a baby shower for Kara. We wanted the theme to be very feminine since we aren't used to baby girls around here (yet).

Most of the decor centered around whites with touches of crystal, pinks and grays. Almost everything was DIY- but with materials that we can reuse for future showers and parties. It was a lot of fun preparing with mom! I love how she never squelches my visions when it comes to party planning. 

The pretty mama-to-be was showered with all the love of our family and friends. Here she is with the beautiful cake I decorated myself....hehe. JUST KIDDING! I called the professionals to create this lovely piece of art. Brenda's Cakes, again came through. We received so many compliments on it.

Most of the materials for the DIY projects came from either Michael's or Hobby Lobby. However, the light pink chevron bags in the bottom left corner seen above, I ordered from Very Jane. If you do not know what veryjane.com is, go ahead and click on the link. It. will. change. your. life. Then follow them on instagram, and you will get to see a sneak peak of the next day's deals. Do it.

The food consisted of finger foods in which my Aunt Mary Lou contributed and also a new catering company in town owned by one of my friends. This mama has a lot going on, so in order to spend time with my 19-month-old, rest while being 7 months pregnant, and staying sane, I figured it was best to delegate that portion of the party to others...best decision.

A couple of games were played. The first game was where I asked a series of questions to the new mom and dad relating to being new parents. Party goers had to guess on whether or not mom and dad's answers would match. The one who guessed the closest number of matches won. (This was a cute way to know the thoughts of the new daddy for those who didn't know him as well.) 

The second game was "Baby Matthews Jeopardy" There were four categories with four questions each, "Newborn Trivia", "Mommy", "Daddy" and "Baby Matthews" Players received a piece of candy (1 candy for a 100 point question to 4 candies for a 400 point question) if they yelled out the correct answer. At the end, the player with the most candies received the prize.

Again, such a great day for my sister and my little niece. I could get used to this season of babies!

My Sister's Maternity Photos

I am by no means a "professional" photographer. However, I do enjoy taking pictures as a hobby. As you all know, my sister and her husband are due with their first baby in September. I figured there was no better way to show them my love then by snapping a few of these short and precious maternity moments. 

My little baby niece is already one of the most loved creatures on the planet. I cannot wait to be a part of her life! (Briggs is pumped to be a big cousin too) We have decided Baby Matthews is going to be his practice baby before he becomes an official big brother in November. The biggest challenge? Learning to share his "Yaya" and "Bapa" (my mom and dad) with another kid.

Until then, here is to a beautiful pregnancy and a few more short weeks before this little one arrives. Praying for a healthy mommy and baby every step of the way...

A Little Lady Is On Her Way

My baby sister's first baby shower was yesterday. This one was hosted by her sister-in-law Megan and cousin-in-law Mandy (upper left corner pic). They did an amazing job with food, decorations and games. Most importantly, I know Kara felt very loved.

Friends, I cannot begin to describe to you how incredible it is to see your baby sister becoming a mother. To witness the transformation of her heart from a woman's to a mother's has been such a blessing. Even more so, it is truly a God thing to share the miracle of pregnancy with her at the same time. Briggs and these two growing babies are going to be quite the crew.

Here's to more babies!

6 Months Growing Bebe 2

Today I went in for my 24 week check-up. 24 WEEKS. 6 MONTHS.

Heartbeat was 150. The child was crazy per usual.

How am I that far along? I'm telling you, the second pregnancy flies by. I remember checking every app, email and book on a daily basis to see how my baby was developing when I was pregnant with Briggs. I can already prove to you that I have documented less on this pregnancy. Having a lively 18 month old, being self-employed and trying to move to a new house is consuming my time- so let me take a breath to focus on the newest growing one for a moment.

 Dear Little Robinson Bebe 2, 

Allow me tell you a little more about you and this pregnancy. You are a miracle. There is nothing less miraculous about being pregnant with your second child than there is the first. We wanted and prayed for you since the moment Mommy and Daddy knew we were going to spend the rest of our lives together. 

Your movements lately have transitioned from little taps or what I like to refer to them as "butterfly kisses" to a more powerful punch. I think you are getting a bit of meat on your bones in just the last few weeks. Besides mommy, only daddy and Grandma have felt you kick. Big brother Briggs kisses and rubs you every day and says "Baby" but he doesn't stay still long enough to feel you move- I'm sure you will follow suit someday. Although, I know you already love him because almost every time he sits on my lap, you start doing a happy dance.

I am finally allowing myself to really absorb the idea of becoming a family of four and I couldn't be more thrilled. There is a lot to do before you get here, but the important thing is that you keep growing big and strong because at the end of the day- you have an ABUNDANCE of love already here for you.

The pregnancy with you has been pretty different than the one with your big brother. You have unfortunately given mommy a lot more acne- or should I call it my baby glow? I don't know how tired I have been because I can only rest when your brother sleeps. (By the way, one of my favorite times of the day is when I first lay down at night- that's when I feel you moving around the most.) I am not as emotional this time around. I was going through some pretty big life changes when I was pregnant with Briggs. This time, I can better comprehend and appreciate the joy in my life- including our little family that you are already so warmly a part of.

Always remember baby, that while I love your brother with my whole heart- Love multiplies; it does not divide- so I have a whole other heart's worth of love already open for you.

Keep growing and I can't wait to give you kisses in November.


Right now, Big Brother Briggs is enjoying his last few months as a single child. We love taking random week nights to enjoy each other's company. These moments are the sweetest ones: