First Day of School 2016

My little loves started school this week! This will be Kerigan's second year and Briggs's third and his last year before kindergarten (pass the tissues, please). In reality, its not a sad occasion for us. They love this school and adore their teachers and friends. We have developed a sweet little community these past few years. I love watching these babes grow. They have an appetite to learn and achieve more every new day. Their curious minds bring about the sweetest little questions. And I EAT.IT.UP. Especially the ones about Jesus. May they always have that hunger to get to know Him more. <3

We managed to get a few "first day" photos in before the rain really started. This pic is proof they're not babies anymore. They're like, real kids. PS. when I showed Briggs these pics, he couldn't stop laughing from the puppy photobombs :)

My little love bugs excited for their first day back!

Briggs starts class first. He gave us one quick side hug each and he was off! Then we waited outside with sis for a few minutes before her class started. 

Love this crumb cake. 

I was a little nervous with them transitioning back this week. We have struggled to get off the summer schedule of 9:30+ bedtimes. But somehow we managed. At 31 weeks pregnant, I'm scraping all the energy and reserve energy I can find in order to soak up these precious days.  After all, its my boy's "last year before kindergarten" as he likes to remind me often ;-) 
When it comes to school, he's always been a bit (or a lot) of a shy guy. So I'm not sure if its him maturing or that in year three, he's finally feeling more at ease, but my little buddy has had more to say about preschool this week than the last two years combined. Every day, I get a play-by-play review of what went down in Pre-K. He tells me everything he can remember and runs to show me his work when I pick him. If I could keep him little forever I would, but its also pretty beautiful to watch this sweet little boy grow and stretch himself into a young little man. 

Okay, hormonal mama's waterworks are starting up again. I love you, babies! I pray you have the most incredible school year of learning, friendship and love.