Our September 2015

September was a roller coaster month, but we're coming out smiling and healthy again. We celebrated birthdays, traveled and played lots of soccer. 

Here are some things the kids are up to this month:
  • If I had to pick one word to describe this month it would be POPCORN. The kids are obsessed. 
  • Kerigan is a singing fool. She makes up her own songs and serenades us with her sweet little voice wherever we go. She sometimes adds motions and dance which is a bonus to us. 
  • She finally said "I LOVE YOU" <3 <3 <3
  • Briggs has fought hard this month to get back to his happy and goofy self. Mission accomplished!
  • He's still our sweet boy. Lately he will say out of nowhere: "You know what mommy?" And I'll say "what buddy?" "I love you"....heart melted. 
  • Madagascar is still going strong as far as his favorite movie. But he always calls it "The Hippo Movie". The other day I asked him why he doesn't just call it Madagascar. He said "Because I'm still working on saying my "S's" mommy." 
  • Kerigan loves searching for things. She'll say, "Minnie....Are you?! Minnie....Are you!?" 
These kids are too fun! Enjoy the video :)

Friday Favorites: Remembering "The Good" Edition

Friday, we have never been so glad to see you! It's been a tough week for the Robinsons. 

Without going into too much detail, we had to take Briggs to the ER Sunday night for a very bad case of hives. By the time we were admitted into the hospital, his whole face was swelling. Our fear was that it would effect his breathing. After some treatment and not enough improvement, they decided to keep him in the pediatric unit over night. We were there until about 4pm on Monday. We are still praying for answers on why it happened but I'm thankful he's starting to feel more like himself. 

The whole experience was a little scary and not one I really want to remember.  But there are some things I do want to remember. The support we received was astonishing. Weaved in between the hospital stay, follow-ups, "roid rage" and frustration, were prayers, phone calls, emails, texts, meals, games and more. And not because of us. But because of Briggs. So many of these individuals already have a personal relationship with Briggy. Or maybe they know a glimpse of what we know- that he's the most empathetic, selfless, joyful child you'll ever meet. It's been nothing short of miraculous to see how many people love this 3-year-old boy. And that's what I want to remember. This week, I choose to remember the good. 

Our weekend started off well. We were prepping for their cousin's birthday party. When it comes to presents, one of their favorite things to do is decorate the wrapping paper for their friends. Then we finish it off with a pretty bow. We always buy our brown paper at Target. 

Ker is obsessed with purple. Notice her special flare in the upper left corner. 

All the kiddos celebrating our sweet Kinsie. 

Sunday night during our hospital stay, I was feeling pretty down and overwhelmed. Then my parents sent me this. Nothing's better than getting to wear your big bro's jammies!

The photos from early Sunday evening are too heartbreaking. So I'm choosing not to share those. But here is a "before" from the wee hours of the night on Sunday (possibly Monday morning) and then the "after "on Wednesday. I've never been so thankful to see the sillies come out of this boy. By midweek, he was back to singing songs, building forts and playing with animals. 

Thank you for all your love and support! And especially thank you for your prayers as we continue to seek answers. 

Now go hug your littles and check out Caroline's favorites this week at Caffeinated Chaos

Friday Favorites: Sharing Life Edition

Hello Friday! I'm linking up again with Caroline to share some Friday Faves. We're still just treading water over here in the Robinson household. Our home is getting a major facelift but we're trying to embrace the chaos. ;-)

I'm loving FF though...I'm enjoying the scheduled "pause" to reflect on the week. Here's what I've got for you today: 

See these four standing by my side? These are the faces of true friends. These girls are the women of our couples life group. We've been together now for three-ish years (I think?) We started up our fall study, Uncommon Marriage, this week. And I'm so happy I get to see them on a reg. basis again. 

We've been there for each other during the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. We've welcomed babies together and said goodbye to parents together. They give me strength during my times of weakness. They show me unconditional love. I hope each one of them knows how deep and sincere my love is for them. Thankful to share life with these ladies.

This fave isn't quite as deep...but Caroline (you know, my Caroline- Caffeinated Chaos, Caroline) surprised me with this Kate Spade travel mug for my bday. Annnnd I'm in love. At work, I'm currently moving from a cubicle to a true office (I'm a real boy now, Geppetto) My inspiration for decor is from (of course) Paper Source's Kate Spade line. So this is perf.

In my old life, I was a Social Studies teacher.  And although I don't stay on top of politics as much as I used to, I just cannot get enough of these debates. I can't say I'm a member of either party, but these republicans...my goodness. It's almost as good as the drama from Bachelor in Paradise ("I'm losin' it!!") And if you want to know, I'm pulling for Governor John Kasich. He's second from the right. Only because I've met him. (We call this the Diane Strategy in our Fantasy Football league) Actually, I've partied with him. At my cousin's wedding. He and Ryan lit it up on the dance floor. 

Finally, one of my fave things are my Fridays off with these two. This past friday it was rainy, so we spent the gloomy day at my Disney World, Nordy's. I am working today, but we'll make up for it this evening. I'm thinking I need to get B&K another set of balloons from the kids' shoe department ;-)

Have a great weekend, y'all!

Nashville Birthdays

We celebrated mine and my dad's birthdays in Nashville, TN over Labor Day weekend. It's a nice place to meet up with Ryan's brother and sister (almost-in-law?) who live in Memphis. Lance also flew in- so at one point, we had everyone together. 

You can't over plan when you're traveling with littles. We wanted to hit up a few touristy spots, but for the most part, we wanted to find some of the hidden gems of Nashville. 

Day 1

We were driving into the city right at dinner time. So we bypassed the hotel and headed straight for some Southern food.

Kisses for Pops before going to bed at night. (I promise we usually clothe our children in hotels)

Day 2

Ryan and I had a little date morning. We walked towards Vanderbilt and tried out the cutest little coffeehouse, Barista Parlor. It's like a craft brewery but for coffee. Love!

While Ryan and I were out, the kids went to the zoo with my parents and their cousin. The turtles and alligator were a big hit with this crew.

We then met up at the country music hall of fame where Briggs danced and the babies rested. 
Saturday night, my parents headed to the Kelly Clarkson concert and we went out for my birthday dinner with the Robinson crew. 

Day 3

We tried to wake up early for the Pancake Pantry near Vanderbilt. But by the time we got there, the line was minimum two hours long. So we went to the next best option...Dunkin! These fruit loops didn't mind. 

After breakfast, we made our way to the pedestrian bridge. (This was probably one of my favorite stops while in Nashville.) I could have spent all day there but it was pretty steamy.

Thankfully, we ran into some locals who told us about a hidden splash pad near the bridge. They even gave us a swim diaper for Kerigan (It was up to her armpits but served its purpose :) This place was awesome and f r e e!

During naps, dad and I finally got our Pancake Pantry (to go). We came back, did some hotel swimming then went out for a rooftop sushi dinner overlooking the city. 

Nashville, you were so good to us! Thank you to my whole family for making the trip to celebrate. 

Friday Favorites: Birthday Edition

Happy Friday! 
I'm linking up today with one of my bests, Caroline at Caffeinated Chaos. She's one of the most joyful, loyal, encouraging women I know. I'm blessed to call her my friend. And when she asked me to do a collab with her- I wanted to jump right in! But I do still want to continue "Fellowship Friday." So those posts will be shared the first Friday of every month. And the other Fridays- I'm sharing my favorites with you.

My whole life, I've had the privilege of sharing my birthday week with my dad + best friend. We celebrated his day this past Wednesday. He's always given me a balanced dose of accountability and grace. And watching him evolve into "Papa" over the last 3.5 years has been something extra special. He loves his babies so much. He is a true man of God and lives by his mama's saying: "Love multiplies, it doesn't divide." Happy Birthday, daddy!

photo courtesy of soulscripts.net
I refer to her instagram posts a lot. I can't say it enough...I love Jordan, the author behind Soul Scripts. (It doesn't hurt that she's an IU alum either) Please follow her and allow her encouragement to fill your cup. 

When your best friend asks you if she can feature your family to help market Paper Source's Holiday collection, you don't say no. That's her and her husband linked above. Aren't they stunning? 
I'm not sure how long they'll be posted, so I went ahead and took some screen shots:)
What an honor! (I have a secret addiction to Paper Source anyways- so this isn't helping)

Today we remember the strength of America.
I'm eternally grateful to all the men and women who have served our country and their spouses. I'm so proud to be married to a soldier. God bless America!

This photo was taken yesterday evening, my last night in my 20's. What an awesome decade it's been! 

Meeting life-long friends with beautiful souls
Marrying the love of my life
Starting my first real career
Losing my first real career
Falling in love with Ryan all over again
Then falling in love with Christ all over again
Learning a new career and finding joy in it every day
Experiencing the miracle of becoming a mom with my first born
Witnessing the miracle of multiplied love with my second born

The next decade is filled with blank pages and I'm looking forward to bringing pen to paper with this little family of mine. Here's to thirty!

Frozen Labor Day

We are unpacking from a fun-filled Labor Day Weekend. Over the long weekend, we traveled to Nashville, TN to see both our families and to celebrate my big 3-0. I'm still uploading pics from the trip, so sit tight for the Music City post. 

Last night, we surprised the kids with Disney on Ice tickets. They love Olaf and gang and were stoked that Mickey and Minnie opened the show. (Seriously, you won't want to miss how stoked Kerigan got)

We started out with a picnic outside Banker's Life Field house. Don't mind the winter clothing on my children. Yes, it was a 90 degree day outside but inside...it's called Disney on Ice for a reason. So no judging. (I'm talking to you, mom)

A family selfie before the show. We're ready!

When they first see Mickey.

Pure joy on this little Mickey boy's face.

Enjoying the show with their favorite treat.

This is what I'm talking about. This video is everything. I mean, when did my one-year-old turn into a preteen? 

We loved our Frozen Labor Day! We're also loving that this is a short work week and birthday week all wrapped into one!