Our April 2016

April Showers came in full force this month- along with bitter bitter coldness. Boo. But we kept busy with both kids in soccer, a Cali trip and Briggs getting to play t-ball for the first time!

Kerigan at her soccer debut. She picked out all things purple for her outfit because that's important in soccer. 

Despite wearing winter gear in April- we stayed warm with Yaya and Papa snuggles & kisses. 

Mom and Dad made it out with friends!

Briggs and his two grandpas at preschool's Grandparents Day.

When the weather finally warmed up toward the end of the month, we put those babies to work ;-)

Everyone loves a visit from their Uncle Lancey <3

This boy is all about writing his alphabet these days. 

I think he approves of t-ball :)

Little Miss Domestic 

And finally at the end of the month, we could play outside with real spring jackets! Yay warmer weather. Here's to May and all the new adventures it will bring!

Robinsons in SoCal

Back in September, Ryan and I were supposed to go on an anniversary trip to my homeland, Mexico. ;-) But then our little Bug Man got really sick and we postponed our trip. Briggs got better and our traveling desire increased. So when we were deciding where to go as our make-up vacay, my Mama heart couldn't bear the thought of leaving my babies for 10 days.  So we decided to make our anni trip a family trip. We wanted someplace new to explore. And Southern California seemed like the perfect getaway. And we were right!

We traveled to LA area for several days. We explored new beaches, new towns, watched some surfing and of course...visited our favorite buddy, Mickey. 

Breakfast with Mickey. Briggy got everyone's autograph and several hugs from each of his faves. 

Our happy place!

Everyone's first trip to Disneyland!

After a few days we traveled south to San Diego. We stayed on Coronado but traveled into the city almost every day too! The kids were fascinated with the naval base. I don't think they've ever seen such big ships before. 

But their favorite part of the days were spent on the beach!

Don't forget baby!

Or the pool...

With her floaties on, Kerigan became Miss Independent.

Briggs livin' the life.

When in San Diego, you have to visit the zoo! Especially with our animal lovers. 


Kerigan LOVES alligators. This was her favorite exhibit. 

This trip was such a blessing. We needed some family time. I love making these precious memories with our sweet babes. Here is a video to recap the whole trip. Briggs has only watched it a few times so far. :-)