Oh Boy!

September 7 had finally arrived. Our appointment for our 20 week anatomy scan was at 1:15. Ryan met me at the doctor's office. We were both full of excitement and anticipation. He told me he was nervous. I told him I knew the baby was fine because I had felt it doing back flips all day. He said he was just nervous about finding out. His nerves were definitely warranted because this was such a huge deal. It seemed like forever before the Ultrasound Tech called us back. When she finally got us set up, she started from the head and worked her way down explaining to us what we were looking at. Here is the video:

He was very active during the scan. Moving his arms and legs but holding still for pictures...already a ham- definitely my child. Finally after getting great shots of his "head, shoulders, knees and toes" she asked us if we wanted to know the gender. Of course!

Neither Ryan or I have any experience in the medical field so we had no idea what we were looking at most the time. When she got to the "parts" she just paused and didn't say anything. Ryan and I were holding hands both looking at the screen then looking at the picture with puzzled looks. Then the tech spoke up and said "well isn't it obvious?" and I saw something, so I guessed, "is it a boy?" and she said, "Are you kidding me? I don't even have to zoom in." Ryan squeezed my hand and put his head down. I think he started crying, but he won't admit that still. We were thrilled! 

Finally after we found out we were having a son, she ended the scan by showing us his strong beautiful heart. I believe that is what the video ends on as well.

Here are some of the great shots from the scan:
Baby Robinson's Profile
His little feet!
Team Blue!
His mouth is open here. Jake and Drew said he was talking smack!
Immediately after leaving the doctor's office, Ryan and I called our parents. He told his parents over the phone since we wouldn't be able to see them that day and didn't want to keep them waiting. I told my parents to meet us at the office. I think my mom almost had an anxiety attack for making her wait another half hour. The video where we reveal that we were having a boy is priceless...and will be posted soon!


  1. Krista, he's already so CUTE!! This is so special...thanks for sharing : )


  2. Thanks Mel! We are beyond excited to meet him. I can't think about anything else :) Miss you guys!