Happy One Month, Briggsy Boy!

While I realize that my baby boy is already 5.5 weeks old, I still wanted to write a one month post. I was waiting until I was done with his video. However, with a newborn, my schedule is no longer my own. So I am finally finished! I plan to make a few of these every now and again so I can capture our lives together step-by-step in a way that I truly enjoy. I hope you enjoy watching it!

What we learned about our Briggsy this month:
  • He loves music
  • He can follow objects with his eyes
  • He can already hold his head up for long periods of time
  • He loves to snuggle on mommy's or daddy's chest
  • He always seems to be fussy when someone new visits
  • He hates sitting in wet diapers but doesn't mind dirty ones
  • He is never phased by Lola's barking
  • He doesn't mind a bath
  • His favorite place is his changing table
  • He only likes the soother pacifiers so far
  • He likes to stay up late and sleep in late like his parents
  • He really has no schedule quite yet
  • He's already losing his newborn hair
  • He still has steel blue eyes
  • His daddy actually doesn't mind changing his diapers
  • Mommy won't let anyone else feed him yet
  • Lola gets mad if we let him cry
  • Our love for him has turned our world upside-down

Our boy is definitely growing! Just look at the difference between his new born picture and his one month picture! I never thought I would have a tall kid...but that is exactly what he is right now!

One Month Measurements:
11 lbs 10 oz.
22.5 in. long 


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