16 Weeks Photos

At 16 Weeks, our little guys is getting such a personality! It brightens my day every morning when I wake up and see his smiling face. He is laughing so hard, he screams. He is so dramatic...I don't know where he gets that from. :)

Thursday, our good friend Ally Dant came to take his 3 month pictures. He is 16 weeks but won't officially turn 4 months until May 20. We are IN LOVE with these pictures. Briggs was fascinated by the clicking of the camera...he was quite the poser. I'm so thankful we were able to capture such precious memories. We will treasure these always! I hope you enjoy!

Click the link below if you cannot see the 16 week slideshow
BBR 16 Weeks


  1. adorable!!! :) hattie faye better call dibs on him now ....he is just a handsome little man!

    1. thanks lindsey! hattie faye is such a pretty little girl- if briggs could only be so lucky :)