Our 3 Month Old Bear

Little KerBear is not our newborn baby anymore. As you can see, she is like a real baby now (sigh). She is still a very good girl. She is really starting to notice her brother. The other day, I caught them on video playing puzzles together. Every time "they" would complete one Briggs would yell, "We did it, Kerigan!" 

Our big step for both kids this month is that I went back to work and therefore they had to start going to a sitter (other than family) for the first time. I probably interviewed 6-7 places. Although all of the candidates were well-qualified, the place we ended up choosing was one where we knew several people that also send their kids to this in-home daycare. Kerigan doesn't mind going to the sitter's. Briggs however, acts like I am sending him to a far off horrible land every.single.time he gets dropped off. Then when I go to pick them up, he is as happy as can be. Although I'm not surprised by this reaction from my little drama boy- it makes it extremely difficult to leave them- queue mom guilt.

Although we don't have an official check up for her this month, here are her approximate measurements:

3 Months
Weight: 12 lbs 3 oz
Height: 24 in 

These two kids fill Ryan and I up with so much joy. We truly love being a family of four and can't imagine life without them. (We have this discussion often- especially what did we use to do with all our time?) Although the weather is still depressing, we have been filling our days with Children's Museum visits, play dates, kindermusik, our church's new indoor playground and tons of family time. We can never say that we are bored...quite the contrary with these two love bugs.

Kerigan Bear..1, 2 & 3 months

Happy 3, Sweat Pea!

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