Seven Months & Major Milestones

This little lady is seven.months.old. Time flies when you're having fun, I suppose. We are soaking up  all things glitter, gold and hair bows. She give me the look above when she want to show off her newest hair accessory. ha! Girl after my own heart.

Being a second time mom, I have these ideas in my head of when she is going to hit certain milestones. For example, Briggs started crawling around 10 months old and walking at 17 months. When I was pregnant with Kerigan, I 100% believed that these milestones would be fairly close for the second babe. However, Little Miss K had to write her own book. Although Briggs impresses us every day with his 8-year-old level vocabulary, his wit and "good ideas," she refuses to be in his shadow. So she decided that she was going to crawl. Enough of this stationary stuff. One day, she just up and took off towards Briggs's toys. As you can imagine, this didn't bode well with him at first but now I think he is enjoying his tag-along.

She also can easily sit up without assistance. I use to be worried to leave her side when she was sitting up because she would immediately topple over as soon as I took my eyes off of her which then resulted in kissing away crocodile tears.

Another milestone for lil Ker, is that she is saying "na-na" At first I thought she was just babbling, but then I figured out that she is referring to me as na-na. Her first attempts at mama- queue heart melt.

At seven months, I can guarantee you that life with Kerigan (and my sweet Briggs) is absolutely sweeter. They have a way of making me see the sunshine brighter. I think it is fair to say that they do this for all that love them.  Their aunts, uncles and grandparents are crazy about them. Children teach us that when we live our lives for others, it becomes so much fuller and definitely more meaningful. They are so little still, but the impact that they have had is infinite.

Happy seven months, my Sweet!

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