B + K Happenings: Late Summer 2014 Edition

These past months God has grounded us to our roots. We have learned to appreciate the simple things: swings, cows, balloons, dancing, friends & family.

Briggs was in a family wedding with his best friend Kennedy and his favorite cousin, Baby Kinsie. He boogied the night away (with his large goose egg or what he refers to it as- his rhino horn). Rhino horn=Briggs got into a fight with the bottom of a bed frame. Bed frame won.

The night before Diane's funeral, Briggs gave us a scare by accidentally swallowing a quarter which brought us to the emergency room. The quarter is still in him but not a threat...we just have to wait it out.

Briggs has also taught us that he is a genius baby. At not even 2 and a half, he knows the alphabet backwards. He doesn't think it's a big deal...but mom's impressed. And I'm trying to learn from him. 

Lastly, Briggs has officially started preschool. He attends the academy at our church. His teacher has been teaching 2 year olds for 26 years and Briggs (and we) couldn't adore her more! We are so encouraged by the staff and their love for Briggs and their passion around a Christ-centered education. I am looking forward to all he accomplishes this year both academically and in his budding spiritual growth.

It's been a big adjustment for us without Nana. She always taught us the importance of family and to not sweat the small stuff. Here is a simple little video of mostly iphone pics that will help us to remember this precious time in our lives.

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