Diane's Disney Tour 2014

The week before Christmas, we toured the most magical place in the world. We were supposed to celebrate Nana and my mom's birthday week at Disney with my sweet mother-in-law. While she spent her week in the most magical place of all, we toured Walt Disney World with love for her every step of the way. I know she was smiling seeing the pure joy on her babies' faces.

Mid to late December was the perfect time to go to Disney with such young babies. The weather was cool and the crowds were low. We visited Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom (twice). The babies took naps in strollers and were angels. Being with family this week, has been the best Christmas present. Disney takes celebrating Christmas to a whole other level. And they absolutely recognize the true meaning of Christmas. Songs about the birth of baby Jesus, characters telling the story of Mary are just a few examples. The Christmas party at Magic Kingdom even made me a believer in the magic of Disney all over again. Hot cocoa and cookies, dance parties with the characters, snow on Main Street & a parade with floats that send off aromas of peppermint, and real toy soldiers in a marching band. If you ever get the opportunity to stay for a Disney Christmas party...do it. 150% worth it.

I've never seen Briggs so excited. He had all his favorites on a checklist to meet (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Donald & Daisy). There's never been such a happy and appreciative little boy. Kerigan was happy to meet the characters too, as long as mommy was holding her ;-) Here is a little video that sums up our tour. We know that Nana had her hand in this incredible vacation.

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