Guess Who's Back

Happy Summer!

 I know. I know. It's been a while. That about sums up life with three kids for me. We've been busy. Every day is a new adventure and a new puzzle to solve between our schedule(s). For some reason, these kids decided to start growing up and finding their own interests, sports, hobbies. They're involved. 

But nonetheless, we're joyful. We've found a routine that is a little unorthodox-but that's been our way of life ever since I've been self-employed. And it works for us. Coordinated chaos, as I like to call it.

Here are some of our highlights so far this summer:

We started off with our trip to Washington DC. Briggs just loves history. Especially presidents and politics. So Ryan and I checked off a destination on his dream board: none other than our nations' capital. It was a bucket-filling experience for all three of us. And the girls got to be spoiled while we were away. We made memories to last a lifetime. 

Ryan and I get to spend the occasional hour together. He's been working his tail off all summer- and we are so grateful for his hard work and providing for our family. We love you, Daddy! You're the real MVP.

Our cousins came to visit over 4th of July weekend. And it was the exact summer pick-me-up we needed. We are counting down the days until they come back to the Hoosier state!

We took a mini-trip to Cincinnati to watch our beloved White Sox play our beloved Tucker Barnhart who plays for the Reds. The game went 12 innings. We got home at 2am. But got to watch fireworks the whole drive home. #balance. Plus we got to see Uncle Lancey and Jackie while we were there. 

So much time has been spent barefoot, getting popsicle mustaches, playing in sprinklers, swimming in #allthepools (p.s. Briggs is officially a swimmer!). Can summer last all year, please?

We've pretty much been living our best life this summer. Living it up for another 3.5 weeks until we've got an official first grader, pre-k kid & a preschool newbie (queue ugly cry). 

And if you want to keep more up-to-date tabs on us (because #lifewiththreekids makes blog posting so random) shoot me a message- and I'll send you a link to join our private Photo Circle album. (easiest app ever & great to post when you're always on the run)

Love y'all & soak up the sunshine!

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