Halloween Goodness

Halloween...I can either love it or hate it. If you know me, you know that in no way shape or form, can I do anything scary. Thanks to the psychological genetics I get from my father, Halloween can be a source of anxiety with all the Paranormal and H2O movies out there. So instead, we "G-Rate" our Halloweens...sadly even without the baby around yet. And I am 110% fine with this...which has helped me to embrace and even love this fun holiday-Vargas/Robinson style.

So for our pumpkins, no scary goblins or ghosts...just Disney. Ryan crafted Simba and I carved Mickey. We were very proud of our work and got lots of compliments from Trick-or-Treaters...even the older ones. As most of us know, you really never are too old for Disney.

Simba and Mickey...BFFs this Halloween.
A few nights before Halloween, we were trying to decide what other costume Lola could wear besides the one she wears every year (her pumpkin costume). We didn't really want to buy anything new so we turned to the baby's closet...Please don't judge these next few pictures, even though I probably would be judging myself. We really are not bad parents to our dog. She actually loves the attention and we could not stop laughing at how ridiculously cute she looked. We will be washing this stuff before the baby actually wears it so no worries there too. Look at these next few pictures of Lola and try NOT to smile. I bet you won't be able to do it. 

She wanted some of the attention the baby had been getting lately
Lola's Halloween Costume..Lola the Bear

Her second costume- The Little Pumpkin to match mom and brother
The baby and I decided to just be a pumpkin for Halloween. It didn't take much.
We had more trick-or-treaters than we have ever had in the three Halloweens at our house. I thought I had bought plenty of candy, however, due to the fact that Ryan let's the kids choose their candy, we ran out a lot quicker. Because the kids didn't choose two like he asked...they grabbed handfuls! Even the older kids took advantage of my husband's sweetness. Which in my opinion, you shouldn't be trick-or-treating anymore once you have to shave some part of your body. So in the end, we ran out of candy, and had to start passing out other treats...like gum, hershey kisses and Ryan's favorite fruit snacks. The fruit snacks were actually a huge hit and might become a Robinson tradition from here on out. 

Our Halloween of Goodness was made perfect with a little visit from Uncle Phipps and getting to watch the non-Halloween kids movie, "How to Train Your Dragon." This was Ryan's suggestion and I am actually quite obsessed with it now....you have to see it!

In more baby news, we are very excited because we are 28 weeks today! This is officially the beginning of the third trimester and the home stretch! I have my glucose test today, so praying both baby and I have a good check-up! We will keep you posted!

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