Family Shower

My beautiful family hosted a shower for us on November 5 at my parent's house. Aunt Mary Lou (also known as Martha Stuart- as you will see in some of the following pictures) Katie, Sarah, Kara, and Mom all did a wonderful job with the whole thing. Unfortunately, Ryan was not able to share in all the fun until after the shower was over. However, Katie still made sure he was greeted with plenty of love.
The Masterson Women (We missed you Amy)
The INCREDIBLE spread and presentation of food:

So blessed that my adorable abuelita was able to attend.
Abuelita and Aunt Virgie
Thank you to all our family and friends who showered us with love!

I love our reflection in the mirror on this one.
Ryan gets some love...
So it has kind of been a running joke in our family that I am Ryan's wife and Katie is his girlfriend. He actually introduces us as that too. Anyways, Katie was pretty bummed that Ryan wasn't able to attend the shower because he was gone for Army. He was able to make it home about an hour after the shower ended and Katie made sure he came home to open arms!
Yes, she is planting a big smooch on his cheek's fine.
The shower was wonderful thanks to the hard work of my Masterson women and all the family and friends that came. Thank you so much to all! It feels so wonderful to know that our little boy is coming into a world where he will be surrounded by so much love.

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