Twas the month before baby...

December was a very busy month as far as preparing for Christmas, Ryan transitioning from his Muncie job back to downtown Indy (woohoo!), to tying up loose ends with work for the year, finishing our Lamaze classes and wrapping up all baby preparations. We did get a lot accomplished though! This post is all about documenting the baby journey along the way through December...our last month before Due Date Month!

This is an adorable little tee that my friends Caroline and Hallie had made for me. I love it! I wore it all around town while running baby errands. 
This is a video of my little Lola snuggling with the baby (her usual spot) but about half way through, you can see some major baby movement. I feel like I get to see this on a regular occurrence, but not many others get to witness this wild man from my perspective. 

Perhaps she thinks she is incubating the baby? 
Grocery Shopping has become a challenge. I really dread going by myself now. I have this terrible fear that my water is going to break in the middle of the cereal aisle. I did get brave and went this past week because we were running low on everything. So I put on my most comfortable attire: leggings and what used to be a loose fitting dress. I thought it would be fine through the pregnancy but it honestly looks like a booty dress (not the look I was going for) but at this point I don't have a lot of options so I dressed it down with some uggs. I went ahead and took some pics because I haven't taken 36 weeks pics yet. So here are some mirror shots after I came back from the grocery-completely out of breath after bringing in and unloading all the bags- (oh the little things I once took for granted).
36 week peak!

Finally, the baby's room is complete! I was trying not to be too anxious to get it done because I figured Ryan was not quite as motivated as I I had him help me in "baby" steps so he wouldn't get overwhelmed. Here are the finished results:
Hamper with hot-glued on animals, PBK dresser/changing table, and BRU chair. The items on the shelves all have significant meaning to us. The You Are Loved sign, I painted but friends helped with the board...I love the unique look and how it turned out!
He is all stocked up on clothes, hats, blankets and more! We are SO blessed to have such wonderful friends and family to shower us with all this baby gear. THANK YOU!

Baby Swing (shower gift), the book shelf was built by my Grandpa Beto Vargas...I wanted him to be a part of the baby's life. The crib is from PBK and there is my little Lola making sure her presence is known. Above the bed, is his name but I blocked it out because I want SOMETHING to be a surprise :)
This is a Christmas present from my sister. We are going to hang it up in the nursery too. The picture and verse are perfect. Thank you Kare Bear!
Here is the verse on the canvas she had made for us. How beautiful and perfect is this? Every good and perfect thing comes from up above. What a beautiful thought....that my baby belongs to Him.

And so there you have our December journey...almost the end of pregnancy and the beginning of a new journey. It has been such a beautiful ride throughout these nine months. Not everything has gone as planned. But it has been His plan. God is SO good.

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  1. Mr. Baby is set with clothes! Cant wait to meet him in a couple of weeks :)