37 Week Update

Yesterday Friday Janury 6 at 37.3 weeks I went in for my 37 week appointment. Baby is head down still and fairly low. I'm at 1 cm dilation and 25% effaced.

I feel like this is pretty good progress considering I'm a first time mom. I am at the point where I am having contractions all the time but not enough to be considered active labor. I really have not been feeling well but I know the end is in sight.

A good night's sleep is becoming more and more difficult. Many of the reasons are physical pains and aches but another reason is the anticipation that each new day could be the day. It's like being a little kid on Christmas Eve and you are so excited you can't sleep...now imagine that anticipation every night because you're not quite sure when Christmas day will arrive.

I know BB Robinson will come in God's time. I just keep praying for patience for me and a safe arrival for him.

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