4th of July

Before having my own baby, I wasn't very aware of a child's development. The only children I really understood were those ranging from 14-18 years old thanks to my few years in high school eduction. So if you were to ask me when I was pregnant, what will your child be doing a year from now? I probably would have told you crying, sleeping and pooping. At 5 1/2 months old, while he certainly does do those things, he is capable of SO much more.

I love that he is beginning to take in the world around him. He is starting to recognize faces and voices and is more comfortable with certain people he is familiar with. Although, he can't crawl yet, he is still very mobile. Currently, his mode of transportation is rolling. He thinks its hilarious too. One moment he is lounging in the boppy on the floor, the next moment I look up at him and he is belly down playing with his toys a few feet away from where he started. When I laugh at him and ask him what he's doing, he just cracks up.

So on 4th of July, we took him to the Matthews' family lake house. He loved lounging in their hammock with me. He even watched and followed some of the boats going by. But the biggest surprise for me that night, was how amazed he was by the firework display on the lake. It is a memory I will cherish. He was taking in every moment while being so aware of the lights and colors. He would get so excited that he would start flapping his arms. He never ceases to amaze me. So at 5 months old, my son loves fireworks. And I am in awe of my 5 month old.

Briggs is loving the fireworks

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