In Half a Year

Yesterday Briggs turned 6 months old. He is a half year old. From an outsider's perspective this does not seem like much for anyone. However, once you bear the name "mom" it changes your whole outlook on life.

In half a year, I have learned what it means for your heart to belong with someone else at all times. I have gotten to know a beautiful, joyful and spirited little boy. He has fulfilled Ryan in so many ways that I never thought possible. He has helped me become a more cautious driver, a better cook, a more efficient house cleaner, a songwriter, a better wife to Ryan, a proud doggy mom to his protector, Lola, even more appreciative of my parents and a more nurturing and forgiving soul. How can someone so little have such an impact in every aspect of my life? I'm not sure, but I know it happened. And I thank God over and over again every day for blessing my life with Briggs Beto.

Now in my family, it is tradition to sing a little song and perhaps receive half a twinkie on your half birthday. So since it was Briggs's very first one, I decided to have a little family get together for him. It turned into a very large celebration (why am I not surprised?) to celebrate this little bug with our friends and family who wanted to show him love too.

Earlier yesterday morning, I was singing a happy 6 months song to him. He was loving it! So I had to record his reactions....please excuse my singing voice :) Now he LOVES to watch this video of himself. Sometimes its the only thing that will console him when he is extra grumpy. He just smiles and cracks up at himself. It never fails.

Also, here are his 6 month growth pictures:

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