Her Baby's Baby

My parents have been on a trip to NYC since Saturday morning. I love that city so much. I am thankful they were able to escape for a few days together. I volunteered to watch their house and their pup while they were gone.

It has been nice sleeping in my old room. But its a little different than when I was in high school. These passed 4 nights, I have shared my full bed with my husband, two dogs and at various times in the night, a baby. Needless to say, it was "cozy". I know Ryan will appreciate getting back to our own bed soon.

I assumed that work would slow down this week since it was the week of Thanksgiving. Fortunately, it has not. (I truly am thankful for it.) I have more active buyers and sellers right now than I have ever had at one time. In the meantime, I am still trying to take care of things for two households. I am not looking for a pity party- but sometimes a girl hits a wall. So I am SO thankful to Diane, Missy, Ryan, Bev, and others who have helped me juggle working and being a mom while my primary babysitter has been gone.

I have always been so appreciative of my mom. (Even more so than ever this week.) Not only what she does for me, but how she extends that motherly loving grace to those I love as well. My husband, family and my friends have all seen the nurturing spirit of this wonderful woman.

However, the love she has shown my son since before she even met him has floored me. I can't even comprehend my own love for him, so how can I begin to comprehend her love for him? She would do anything for my baby. She volunteers (YES-VOLUNTEERS) to watch him for me while I work with my crazy, inconsistent schedule. And she does it with a happy heart.

I know I am so fortunate to have my mom watch my baby so I can work. It eases my stress to know he is with her.

So thank you, Mom, for loving your baby's baby.

Loving Briggsy before his arrival
This is love.
Sweet chubby baby.
He has no choice but to be a Sox fan.
Love for her froggy.

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