Precious Moments

One of our friends who met Briggs in person for the first time this weekend mentioned to me that he looks like a "Precious Moments" baby with his big eyes. I thought that was such a cool thing for her to say. No one had ever made that comparison before. Now looking through his pictures, it really is true.

It's ironic because as a young girl I used to collect the little figurines. They meant so much to me because my mom would help me carefully pick one out- one in which spoke to my heart. If you aren't familiar with them, they are a Christian company. Each product has a scripture written on it. Each Precious Moment has a purpose, a message to portray that glorifies God and the love he has for His people.

A warm sense of love wrapped around me when I thought about what this could mean. My Briggsy belongs to the Lord. I am blessed enough to be his mom but ultimately he is His. He is God's "Precious Moment" baby. God knows his purpose. I pray God will use Briggs to help spread His love. What more could a mother ask for?

I give all my praise to The Lord for giving me the opportunity to have such a special part in raising God's Precious baby for His Purpose.

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