My Sweet Baby NIECE

I'm not certain if and when I posted that Briggs is going to be a big cousin! My sweet lovey sister and her Ryan are due in September.

We wanted to throw them a family reveal party. We let them choose how to "reveal" to us. I'm glad her Mexican roots came into play. They bought a pinata and were going to stuff it with either pink or blue candy.

I'm going to be honest here. All of the symtoms she was experiencing were spot on to the symptoms I had when I was pregnant with Briggs. So I was 258% she was having a to my surprise...

 I am having a sweet baby niece!!! I am so in love with her already! We have already decided Briggy is going to be her protector.  By the way having a girl join the family is LETHAL to anyone's monthly clothing budget.

The sweetest parents to be

Briggs is pumped to be a big cousin!

How precious is her little face? I can't wait to buy her tutus and bows! (Even if her mommy doesn't approve)

Dear Baby Girl,

Before we go to bed at night, Briggs and I pray for you to grow big and strong. We pray to give your parents the comfort and wisdom to help raise you in the way of the Lord so that you and Briggs together, can become some of the greatest soldiers of Jesus's Kingdom. May your light and beauty help others to find love and know God. You are such a blessing to our lives already. We cannot wait to meet you!

Aunt Tita

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