Our Anniversary with Mr. Prez

Every year Ryan and I try to take at least a night and just enjoy each other's presence for our anniversary. It doesn't have to be something big- just something away from the distractions of work. (Thanks to "Yaya" for letting your grandbaby hang out this time around for a few days.) This year for the big 4 year, we took a trip to D.C. for 4 days.

This was a big deal for a few reasons.

  • It was our first mini "babymoon" (I was nearing the end of the first trimester at 12 weeks)
  • I had never been away from Briggs for more than a day
  • We both had been so busy with work- we were reminded that we actually know and like each other
It was such a nice trip- we saw all the attractions and tried all new and ethnic restaurants. My favorite was a french bistro that served life-changing crepes.

12 week baby bump

It felt strange to be there without Briggs. I didn't know how to just take care of myself. It's amazing how quickly I could shower and get ready. By day 4, I was ready to go back to my crazy kid though. Although I may have to sacrifice actually doing my hair, eating a whole meal and getting some "me" time- I wouldn't trade anything for those sloppy baby kisses or the smile that lights up when he sees me. 

It is important for Ryan and I to take time for just "us" once in a while but I'm so thankful for the "additions" we have gained over those 4 years.

So long Mr. Prez...we are headed back to see our Briggy.

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