It's a...

It's a..................

We are happy to report that we have a healthy baby on the way! We ourselves do not know what the gender is nor did the tech even look- so only God knows about this precious pipsqueak. The ultrasound technician said that if mama doesn't know, nobody knows!

We were able to get a great video (I will post soon) of Baby stretching its legs out and being a typical Robinson wild child- can you see the dramatics already? The hand is up by the forehead. I also love this picture because I think the profile looks just like Briggs.

So now we wait until November to find out if Briggs is having a baby brother or sister. The plan for Baby 2 was always to be a surprise. I have always wanted that feeling to find out in the delivery room at least once. However, I was SO close to caving. Thank God for Ryan- he stayed strong, which ultimately helped me stick to the plan.

Why a surprise?
We have a boy. I LOVE being a boy mom. It would be amazing to have a brother for Briggs. My sister, Kara is having a girl. I am going to get my girl fix. Either way, we are in a win/win situation. I have been calling Baby 2 our "Bonus Baby."  I am already bonding with this baby either way.  I 110% do not have a preference.

I am so thankful for my babies inside (Baby 2) and out (Briggy Bear). Our family of four is going to rock the house come November...

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  1. Krista, It's so fun not finding out the gender! It was one of the best moments of my life so far (I guess meeting your baby either way is, but that surprise was really special!) Briggs will be a great big brother either way!