Sweet Summertime (and Second Trimester)

Summer 2013 is all about Briggy. I'm in the sweet spot of my pregnancy. Morning sickness is over, Clothes still fit (with help of the "B" Band). 

And this dude is FINALLY walking! Although his first official steps were around 14.5 months- he really had no interest in hitting his stride until 16 months.  People always say enjoy the time before your baby walks- but I am SO relieved. The guy is a healthy 26+ pounds- I wanted to spend as much time outside as possible with him and I was tired of him crawling on the concrete (or carrying him). So we are finally able to go out and enjoy toddler fun.

Even if I can fit in just an hour or so a day- we are trying to live life to the fullest with an only child while we can. He is loving all the adventures we are taking- I absolutely love this exhausting but fun age.

Briggy's First Official Steps at 14.5 Months

Dancing into wedding season with Daddy

Breakfast in bed...what a prince

The Splash Pad in Avon is one of his favorite spots

Sunset walks with "Bapa"

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