A Baby Girl Shower

On August 18, my mom and I hosted a baby shower for Kara. We wanted the theme to be very feminine since we aren't used to baby girls around here (yet).

Most of the decor centered around whites with touches of crystal, pinks and grays. Almost everything was DIY- but with materials that we can reuse for future showers and parties. It was a lot of fun preparing with mom! I love how she never squelches my visions when it comes to party planning. 

The pretty mama-to-be was showered with all the love of our family and friends. Here she is with the beautiful cake I decorated myself....hehe. JUST KIDDING! I called the professionals to create this lovely piece of art. Brenda's Cakes, again came through. We received so many compliments on it.

Most of the materials for the DIY projects came from either Michael's or Hobby Lobby. However, the light pink chevron bags in the bottom left corner seen above, I ordered from Very Jane. If you do not know what veryjane.com is, go ahead and click on the link. It. will. change. your. life. Then follow them on instagram, and you will get to see a sneak peak of the next day's deals. Do it.

The food consisted of finger foods in which my Aunt Mary Lou contributed and also a new catering company in town owned by one of my friends. This mama has a lot going on, so in order to spend time with my 19-month-old, rest while being 7 months pregnant, and staying sane, I figured it was best to delegate that portion of the party to others...best decision.

A couple of games were played. The first game was where I asked a series of questions to the new mom and dad relating to being new parents. Party goers had to guess on whether or not mom and dad's answers would match. The one who guessed the closest number of matches won. (This was a cute way to know the thoughts of the new daddy for those who didn't know him as well.) 

The second game was "Baby Matthews Jeopardy" There were four categories with four questions each, "Newborn Trivia", "Mommy", "Daddy" and "Baby Matthews" Players received a piece of candy (1 candy for a 100 point question to 4 candies for a 400 point question) if they yelled out the correct answer. At the end, the player with the most candies received the prize.

Again, such a great day for my sister and my little niece. I could get used to this season of babies!

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