Blessings In Abundance

The Robinson family likes to live their life with the underlying theme of "go big or go home." You know, live life to the abundance. So we had decided to pack in as many life milestones as possible into one month. Some may think we are ambitious, some may think we are psycho. It's probably a healthy combination of both.

Especially with Bebe 2 coming this fall, we knew that we needed more space. Once we received the accepted offer, we had a little over 3 weeks to close and move out (and into my parents' house since we wouldn't get possession of our new home for an additional month). I tried to be as proactive as possible in packing, arranging movers, etc. to make the transition easier. I knew that I may be a little emotional leaving our first house, but I way underestimated those pesky pregnancy hormones.

On the day before closing, we were moving out all the large furniture. My mom came to pick up Briggs to take him home and put him in his crib since we would no longer have beds there. As I was taking Briggs to each room to say "bye bye" for the last time, I started balling. I realize this was way harder on me than on him- but it was still very emotional knowing this would be his last time there.

So on September 20, we officially closed on our house on Abundance Lane (how great is that name?) that we have called home for the past four years. This was our first home we purchased as husband and wife. This was where we brought our first born baby home to start our life as a family of three. We have grown closer here thanks to blessings in abundance.

After closing, we had 24 hours before we officially handed over possession to the new owners (who were great by the way and made the transaction way easier on this mama). Ryan and I wanted to give them the keys the next morning rather than the evening, so we stayed at the house until about 1:00am to finish up cleaning and tying up loose ends.

I was still pretty emotional leaving that late night but then God had a way of making me completely lose my train of thought with this particular milestone...

My sister calls me at 2:00am. She was in labor. I was going to meet my sweet Kinsie Kay that day...which again, brings us back full circle to Blessings in Abundance.

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