Preparing for D-Day on Team Green...with a Toddler

Hospital bags are packed, pumpkin seat is taken out of storage, the jeep now has TWO carseats installed, the neutral clothes and blankets are washed and ready...

I still love the idea that we are on Team Green. I can't wait for that moment! However, I didn't realize it would take twice the planning until recently. (It has saved me some money on not buying too many new clothes...yet.) You have to come up with twice as many names (we have known our boy name for a long time but just recently barely settled on a girl name.) and you have to prepare your toddler on the possibility of having a baby brother or baby sister. When I say prepare, I do mean mentally prepare but also logistically prepare him as well.

With Baby 2.0, I am much more aware of how to efficiently pack for the hospital. Despite planning to go natural, I believe my bag weighs about 20 lbs. less. However, this time around I am not just packing for me and my baby boy. I am packing for me, my toddler and for a girl baby and a boy baby.

As far as the baby's packing plan, I had decided I would take a few boy outfits (Briggs's hand-me-downs) and a few girl outfits (Kinsie's hand-me-downs) and one or two neutrals new to this particular little one. Plus, I had to include my two onesies- each with a respective girl name and boy name for the birth announcement. After that, the hospital has all the essentials.

As for my toddler, he takes the cake. We have an outfit with a blue bow tie if he gets a brother and a pink bow tie if he gets a sister. He also has changes of clothes, entertainment including videos and books, supplies to throw a birth day party (he is really into singing the birthday song to everyone right now) plus a brand new gift from his baby sibling. He also has an overnight bag for Yaya and Bapa's while we are at the hospital.
I don't blame you if you think I'm going over the top, but if you have a child, you know you can never be over-prepared. Now, prepare for one of the biggest moments in your child's life plus the welcoming of a new life. It makes my mind spin. I think this nesting mother of 2 needs to go to bed...

Soaking in the last few (days and/or weeks) with this baby always with me.

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  1. Krista, we loved not finding out if we were having a boy or a girl. That moment was so incredible! Briggs and baby #2 are so lucky to have such a phenomenal mommy! Good luck! :) P.S. We also brought a onesie with each name to the hospital!