FULL TERM..This Time Around as a "STM"

If any of you have ever joined a pregnancy app or forum, the first time you log on you almost need an interpreter with all the abbreviations these moms use.  FTM, STM, TTC, LO, DH...the list goes on and on. When I was pregnant with Briggs, after a few weeks and a lot of google searches, I finally caught on to the lingo- usually pretty easy to figure out. In this instance, STM simply means Second Time Mom.

So as a STM at 38 weeks, I am at a totally different place than I was as a "FTM". At 37 weeks with Briggs, I was miserable. Looking back now, it was completely mental. I am still feeling all the physical ailments I did last time- but I'm embracing it and letting my body do its work. As a FTM, I was not used to Braxton Hicks contractions. I thought every time they started up again, I was going into labor. That is...until real labor began. When my sister asked me how to tell the difference in contractions, I told her BH contractions were like thunder and true contraction were lightning. You can certainly tell the difference.

Now I sit here and trust my body. My birth plan this time around is to go all natural- no epidural. However, I am a sound believer on doing what is best for the baby. If an epidural or even a c-section is best, I trust the Lord that He will lead us in the right direction to deliver a sweet healthy baby- because after all, isn't this our ultimate goal?

For the record though, the latest labor update at 37.4 which was my last OB check-up, I am dilated to 2 and 50% effaced. The baby could decide to put me into active labor like... now or 3 weeks from now. Either way, its okay. I have a toddler dressed as a lion to take to soccer class right now. I'm certainly not twiddling my thumbs.

Baby 2, whenever you are ready to make your debut, we are too. Until then, your brother has some "roaring" to do.

P.S. Baby, please don't be mad if your nursery isn't complete yet- we have a whole house we are still unpacking. I promise you will have a warm place to sleep. <--This is another example of the STM mindset I have learned to accept. Love is enough.

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