Snow Bunnies of '14

See picture above. This is  Snow Bunny. I don't know where he came from. I don't know why he likes it. He definitely did not get this gene from his mama. Snow Bunny spent over 2 hours in the blizzard of '14 with his daddy having the best of times while mommy and sister were trying to stay toasty inside.

Snow Bunny likes to sled. He likes to eat snow flakes. He likes the sound of the crunch under his toes. He can build a mean snowball and even likes to jump in the big piles of snow.

Who is this mysterious creature?

He doesn't even mind putting in a little hard work with all the shoveling he had to do. 

Unfortunately, for Snow Bunny, the temperatures plummeted to a -35 degrees the next day which forced him and his Snow Bunny family to stay inside cuddled up for a few days. He ran around in his leggings asking to play in the snow the whole time. 

On night two after being hunkered down, we lost heat! Our home went from 70 degrees Monday to 47 degrees Tuesday morning. NOT ideal for two little ones under two. Our floors were ice cubes and frost was creeping through our windows and doors. A little scary. I kept Kerigan in two flannel sleepers and a flannel sack with a hat on the whole time. My dad said she looked like an Amish baby. Hehe.

Luckily our basement was in the 60's, so we camped out there under electric blankets until the roads were safe enough to go to my parents Tuesday night.

Safe and sound now, we were happy to be snowed in with Snow Bunny. His zest for life is infectious and keeps our spirits warm. 

Happy Shoveling!

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