Two Month Smiles

During Kerigan's second month, we have witnessed record-breaking snowstorms, temperatures plummeting to -35 and below, more snow and Daddy gearing up to leave us for a bit due to Army obligations, but that hasn't stopped Kerigan from smiling.

At two months, she has developed more of a routine. She sleeps for about 12 hours at night (with feeding about every 4 hours but quickly goes back to sleep). She then has breakfast with her big brother and then takes another snooze until he goes down for his nap around 1. They never nap at the same time and while this can be tough for me to get things done, it means that I get a lot of one on one time with each of them which is exactly what my heart desires.

Kerigan has had a few tummy troubles this month, but nothing serious. She has her fussy times/days when I know her tummy is really hurting her but we have discovered ways to give her relief such as different positions, gas drops or even tweaking what I eat. It seems to be helping her. This picture below depicts her usual disposition. Such a tough life.

On New Years Day (6 weeks old) she gave us a bit of a scare. During her brother's nap, she was showing off for Ryan and I by rolling over from her tummy to her back multiple times. Then about a half hour later she started to cry because she was hungry. However, her cry sounded weak. By around 8 pm that evening, the cry turned to more of a wheeze. The on-call pediatrician advised us to take her to the ER to be sure she was getting enough oxygen. She ended up being diagnosed with bronchiolitis. They gave her some breathing treatments and steroids to help the swelling go down. I'm thankful we took her because it most likely would have escalated to RSV. It took her a couple of days to completely turn around, but now she is healthy and thriving.

She is really starting to develop her own personality. She really loves her mommy- she could cuddle with me all day. She's definitely a "wearing-kind of baby"- she could spend 24 hours in the Baby Bjorn if I let her. She still is more chill than Briggs ever was but will let you know when she is in need of something. Her cry can be heard from the next block over which has quickly brought her the additional nickname of "Lungs". I am so thankful for our sweet KerBear. I love getting to know her more and more every day. Her brother is really starting to warm up to her too. His goal in life is to make her smile. Oh, those two-month-old smiles...


2 Months
Weight: 11 lbs 8 oz (70th percentile)
Height: 23.5 in (90th percentile)

Dear Kerigan,
Just like your brother, you have rocked my world but in your own unique way. If he is my hip hop and r&b (always life of the party that makes life worth dancing in) you are my indie rock. Your sweet acoustic melodies with the occasional jam session are notes that my spirit yearns for.  You are my chicken soup for the soul in these otherwise gloomy winter months. I am ever so grateful that you allow me to walk the walk in "Love multiplies and doesn't divide" mantra. I know that I have kept you cooped up in this house for too long and in way too many layers both inside and outside- and you probably think the world is pretty crappy when you look out the window, but spring is just around the corner. That is when we really start understanding the meaning of our world. When the flowers start budding and the birds start chirping, that is the resurrection of life outside, and reminds us again of Christ's love for us through His resurrection. Just wait for that sunshine, my Sweet. Until then, lets cuddle up with your brother under five, maybe six blankets, drink hot cocoa, facetime daddy, make each other laugh while dancing to the hotdog song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. These are the days I will treasure always...

From ONE month to TWO!

Happy 2, Miss Kerigan

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