A five-month-old babe.

What are these things you call "toes"? Why is it so bright? Who is this Briggy guy that keeps touching my face? And why are you so hilarious, mom? These are just a few of the thoughts running through Kerigan's mind at 5 months old (or at least I like to believe so). At 5 months, Kerbear is curious, funny and beginning to understand the power of pouting. 

She's still our Lil Bit and goes with the flow (especially since her brother is constantly conjuring up daily activities for the two of them). However, when she's hungry- watch out world. 

She is finally getting to explore this world in less than 12 layers and 4 hats. She likes the sunshine and warmth. She never fusses when we go to the park, zoo or neighborhood walks. She really demands that we treat her like the rest of the family now. If we are eating at the table, she won't accept anything other than sitting at the table with us. I use to be able to rock her to sleep in her swing during dinner or social gatherings- but she knows now when a party is going on. 

She is still exclusively breastfeeding. (I know I'm late to the party in introducing cereal and baby foods). My excuse is bad. Convenience. I really want Ryan to be there when she tries cereal for the first time. However, with her feeding schedule, we can never seem to line "the first feeding" time up with him being home. I promise that she won't be breastfeeding when she's five- but for now, it is what is working for our family. She is still spitting up but it doesn't seem to be as often or as much. I think she has also been eating more frequently. For a while she was sleeping 10+ hours a night. Now the most is 7 (which is still good). I am curious to see what she weighs next month because I believe she is gaining weight. There are at least some baby rolls now. 

I'm getting a little anxious about the fact that 6 months is right in the horizon. I love having this baby in my arms.AT.ALL.TIMES. I love wearing her in my Ergo or Bjorn on walks whether it be in the neighborhood or at Target. I feel this crazy connection with her and that I NEED to be touching her at all times. I love her baby smell. I love her giggles and I'm crazy about her smiles. I love the way her brother treats her and how he is already teaching her about Jesus. She loves her brother. No one else can make her light up like he does. He loves to hug her and snuggle with her and I under blankets in the morning. I want them to always love snuggling. Maybe that's why I am anxious about 6 months. Don't stop snuggling your mommy, baby girl. Like, ever.



Happy 5 months, my sweet girl! You make my heart siiiiing.

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