Half Birthday Boating

Kerigan is one and a half! This crazy, I mean crazy, intelligent, hilarious, expressive, cuddly, dramatic, creative, observant, loving little doll baby has graced us with her presence for 18 months! Her personality kills me. She is fun-loving, curious & such a social little bug who doesn't know a stranger-but that doesn't mean she's willing to leave mommy to hang out with you yet. ;-)

For her half birthday, we celebrated by kicking off boating season for the summer! My sister's in-laws are always so gracious and welcoming for us to join them at their lake house. I don't think my kids know that Tim and Bev are actually just Kinsie's grandparents because they sure treat my kids like one of their own. We love Aunt Bev-o and Papa Tim! 

Here are some snapshots of memories made this weekend:
Bottom right: Got to fit in some "Ring around the Rosie"

Love this day so much. We treasure our time with our cousin, too!

The three sweet peas.

Captain Briggy was so proud!

And....he's done.

The sweetest cousins

Video evidence of Captain Briggs driving the boat all by himself <3

Happy half birthday to our bubbly, brilliant & free-spirited girl. You make this world a more beautiful place!

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