Preschool Grad

Remember the little newborn from this post? Well, he just graduated his first year of preschool. [Insert heavy crying emoji here] He's grown up so much both in size and maturity. The little toddler in the top left of the collage, is now my big, strong, curious, silly, smart & extraordinary boy (although he's always been extraordinary). 

He has gone from a shy and timid boy to still a shy but brave boy. I cannot sing enough praises for his sweet teacher, Mrs. Bernhardt. She knew the magnitude of what a big deal it was for me to send my firstborn into her hands. The thing I love about her and TPCA is that they do not treat this like a day care. We don't need a day care. We prayed for a place that would help develop and challenge his academic skills, encourage him to socialize with his peers and help nurture his love for Jesus. The staff at TPCA takes a loving approach to help raising our babies and prayerfully considers their little hearts on a daily basis. They really got to know our little Briggs. Unfortunately for us, after 26 years, Mrs. Bernhardt will retire after this year but she has such a special place in our heart, that we will continue to stay in touch with her. 

Both my babies will be headed back to TPCA in the fall. I pray that they continue to grow in knowledge but most importantly learn to love Jesus more and more every day. 

Pops, Yaya, Papa, Mommy, Sister & Daddy (taking photo) were all there for his graduation ceremony :)

Papa with Briggy's #1 fan

He came out walking to the commencement song...I balled

So happy to see all of his family there

The best teacher with the shy guy

He won the award "Love for reading" :)

Briggy and his fan club. Nana's got a cheering section in heaven for him too

Our proud family

Sis stole his graduation treat. He's improved on his sharing too :)


  1. Oh my word Krista! That picture of him walking out with the proudest look on his face- I have tears in my eyes! He is just the sweetest!

    1. Thanks Ally! I know. It seriously gave me chills as he was walking out. Kiss little Grayson for me. Can't wait to see you guys again :)