Summer's here! June 2015

We had a wonderful June! Ryan had his last army weekend! Woohoo! We also played lots of backyard baseball & soccer, swam at Yaya and Papa's with lots of Ringin' around the Rosie added in there as well. (their newest obsession) 

My parents also hosted our big Vargas family reunion this month. There were over 60 people and so many babies! Briggs has been busy singing "Happy Birthday" to everyone and Kerigan has been busy doing her leg and ab exercises in her high chair...I think it's in one of the first video clips below. (Every morning she sits in her high chair for at least 10 minutes doing these workouts before she'll even touch her food...I wish I had her discipline).

I always tell Ryan how much I love June. It's the "Friday" of summer. So much hope, plans and excitement for the season. I wish it were June all year long :)

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