Our March 2016

We've had an awesome March! We've seen glimpses of spring weather, we've been prepping for upcoming sports, packing for an April vacation, loving school, our church friends and best of all, had an amazing Easter. 

Picking up her Papa and Yaya from the airport. 

Papa suprised her at school!

Briggs pretending to be his Aunt Gaga who is due with my first nephew in May :-)

The happenings this month:

  • Easter! The kids love celebrating and have been asking the sweetest questions about Jesus.
  • They are so in to youtube educational videos right now. Everything from animated nursery rhymes to alphabet rock n roll. They'll dance in their pajamas all day.
  • Kerigan's language still has to be translated but her love for "BB" is understood by all. She loves her big brother with all her might. Sometimes too hard...haha.
  • Briggs has a make believe friend named "Joobee" It's hilarious. He has a whole life story made up about him. 
  • We're braving the cold to get outdoors...practicing for soccer, finally visiting the zoo and venturing out to local parks. We missed the sunshine. 
Here is our video this month. Enjoy!

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