Hello March!

Is it spring yet? March came in like a lion for our crew. Both Kerigan and Briggs started off the month with the stomach bug :( I hate when babies are sick. It didn't last too long but was enough to keep us down for the first few days of March. 

At the end of every February and beginning of March, I get the "let's move south itch". I hate coldness. I despise the winter gloom. And right when I open my mouth to tell Ryan let's do it...spring arrives. And I fall in love with Indiana all over again. From mid-March to the end of October, there's no place I'd rather be. And this year, that hasn't changed. I see 60 degree temps on the horizon. And I settle in again in my happy Hoosier state. 

So for March, here are our family goals: 

1. Play outside. Keeping it broad here. Vitamin D is good for the soul. So whether we are outside practicing for T-Ball, soccer or practicing our ABC's with sidewalk chalk, hiking, biking or swinging- I want to spend as much time outside with the kids. I want them to lead. They are getting to the age where free play is very important. Let's discover. Let's use our imaginations. I love to see how their little minds work especially when they can just be kids. 

2. Spring clean. Man we need this. Right before winter settled in, we were getting to the point where we were doing some pretty cool things with our garage and outdoors. Then cold, dirt and salt hit us. Hopefully Ryan and I can set some time aside to finish our outdoor projects so we can enjoy it all summer. Pics to follow!

3. Family adventure. Its so easy to fall into routine. After a full week of work and chores and errands its easy to just put the kids to bed early on a Friday night and do nothing. And while I agree our bodies and minds need that sometimes, I want to take time at least once this month where we go on an adventure. Someplace local. Someplace inexpensive. But let's discover something new! 

I hope y'all can take time with your families this month to enjoy the new signs of spring and most importantly rejoice in the spirit of Easter! With Easter falling in March this year, we are already talking a lot about the true meaning and making sure the kids know how much Jesus loves them. 

Have a great month!

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