Kerigan's Half Birthday!

Kerigan Kay is Two and a HALF! (She won't let you forget it either) She has been anticipating her Frozen half birthday party for months now. She couldn't wait to have her family come over to dance to her "Yi Ni" songs. (Her way of referring to Frozen songs)

I thought I had ordered a little Frozen themed cupcake from Marsh and ended up with this. #cakefordayssssss #shelovedit

Her family spoiling her with Frozen and Minnie gifts.

She was GLOWING during her half birthday song <3

I love these little half birtnday celebrations with our family. It's just another excuse to get together and to celebrate our babies. Kerigan has really started to expand her was so heart warming to see her run up to everyone and say "Tanks for coming to my half birtday!!" 

We love you Kerigan Bear! You're becoming such a big girl!!

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