Our May 2016

May was such a fun month for us. It came in like a lion (we were wearing hats and winter clothes for a quick minute) and out like a lamb...meaning summer has begun! We welcomed a new family member, our cousin Braxton! And kept super busy with t-ball and soccer for both little bees. 

We loved our Saturdays with Daddy!

Frisbee park date with friends.

Mother's Day artwork, parks, snuggle parties, zoo days and more!

Big brother helping out sis at soccer. 

We always have to take a picture with the rhinos <3

Oh its SO good to be able to play outside again!

During Memorial Weekend, we had a much-needed garage sale. Here, the kids are modeling some of our "hot items"

I told the kids if they helped with the lemonade and cookie stand they could keep it for their piggy banks....they made a better profit then mommy and daddy did!

And some more pics to wrap up our May. Summer has officially started! I can't wait for the adventures we will take in the next few months! I love how these little babes help us enjoy every ounce of this precious life.

Here's to a fantastic summer!

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