Love Multiplies.

When I was a little girl, I dreamed about the day I would become a mother. I wasn't an overly nurturing little girl by any means. But God planted something inside me that gave me an overwhelming desire to be a mom someday. And on January 20, 2012, my first little miracle was born. My boy. My beautiful boy who helped heal his mama's heart. And all of a sudden the skies were bluer, the grass was greener, music was sweeter, love was deeper, and my thankfulness was greater. Yes. This is why He created me. Being a mother makes me feel more alive than anything else. When someone else's life takes precedence over your own...its real living. I can't explain it. But its pure joy. I understood (a teensy bit more) His love for me. Nothing greater, friends!

Then on November 17, 2013...He taught me something else. How His love is infinite, limitless and able to multiply beyond our comprehension. I grew another heart that day. It brings tears of joy to my eyes when I reminisce over the moment I heard the nurse say, "It's a little girl!" And Oh my, how I love that little girl. 

And in 2016, I'll never forget the morning of February 10. The morning I finally saw a positive. While the rest of the house stay sleeping in the dark hours of that cold winter morning...there it was. That second [faint] pink line. The line I was afraid I was imagining. But it was real this time. And I fell to my knees with tears of overwhelming gratitude flowing down my face. I'll never forget those intimate moments. Just me and Jesus. Blissful praise and gratitude for entrusting me to grow and eventually raise another one of His amazing creations. 

And now my friends, we are ready to announce (at 23 weeks)...
Baby Robinson Three is expected to arrive this fall! October 18 is our official due date. 

We again are not finding out the gender with this one. So in order to avoid calling baby "it" Briggs has nicknamed him or her, "Baby Bunny." So now anytime any of us refer to our littlest one, it's Baby Bunny. <3 

This pregnancy with Baby Bunny has been my most challenging yet, but I can't complain. And I don't think its all baby's fault. I've got two littles who keep me busy, a career, husband, play dates, preschool, photography, friends, bridal showers, baby showers, meal know, normal mom stuff that takes up my waking hours. So when I tuck the last kid into bed, I'm usually crashing-hard. I've never required more sleep in my life. Hence, me falling behind in blog posts. I've learned a very important lesson this time around- don't overdo it and ask for help (why is this so hard for us mamas?)

My life is craziness...but I don't want to rush this pregnancy. It may be our last. Sometimes I look down at my swollen belly and I just want to hug it. That's weird, I know. But I'm trying to cherish it. It's like you're on a different spiritual level when you are pregnant. You are literally a walking miracle. 

Shauna Niequist is one of my favorite authors. One of her mottos in life is Present Over Perfect. She nailed it. I'm learning to soak up the "now" and embrace the imperfections...they're actually what makes life so exciting, challenging and beautiful. I mean...look at these imperfect silly announcement photos. That's us. 

Baby Bunny, welcome to our crazy family. We are a little chaotic at times...but you won't go a day in your life without feeling smothered in love. 


  1. Tearing up reading this... Just so happy and excited for your family. Baby bunny is so blessed to have you both as parents and to have such wonderful big siblings! I hope you are starting to feel a little better! Blessings to you all!

  2. Can't wait to meet baby bunny!! All the happy feels reading this :) Love all 5 of you!