One Month with Kollyns Sophie

Our sweet dolly is one month old. What a beautiful month its been getting to know her. Our precious Kolly has learned to snuggle her way in perfectly. When you have your third, you don't get to live in a cave for 6 weeks like you do with your first. Life keeps going and doesn't stop. And Kolly is loving the ride. She's already enjoyed two trips to the zoo to celebrate Zooboo, took part in some pumpkin patchin' that comes with a hay ride, park days, school drop off and pick up, dance parties and play dates. 

Whenever I'm by myself with all three kids, Briggs insists we take the double stroller or wagon somewhere fun. And I remind him I have three babies now. Then he says, "no big deal...just have Kolly sit in that green thing you wear." (ergo carrier) These kids have such a zest for life...I just have to remind them mama needs to slow down sometimes ;-) And I'm learning to slow down. I'm learning to say "no" to things I still want to do. Because these little newborn days are just so precious. And sometimes our favorite days are spent all day at home in our jammies...just kissin' on our Kolly Dolly.

Kolly's One Month Stats:
  • 23 inches (98%)
  • 9 lbs 14 oz (75%)
  • head circumference: 37 cm

Just look how much she's already grown in four weeks:

This is what we have learned about our Kollyns this month: 
  • She is a SNUGGLERRRRRR (She wants to cozy up with someone all day er-ry day...and I'm not complaining)
  • She loves to be swaddled when she's not being snuggled. Faux snuggled.
  • She only has about one fussy hour a day...probably because she just wants us to snuggle her (are you sensing a theme with her?)
  • Kolly is finally figuring out her days and nights (whoop whoop!)
  • She prefers baby carrier over stroller/car seat
  • She loves lights.
  • She calms when she hears music or singing. Her brother and sister have created a whole playlist for her on spotify. Their favorite to sing to her is "Jolly Holiday" from Marry Poppins. But instead of "Oh its a jolly holiday with Mary"...we sing "with Kolly" and they giggle the whole time
  • I literally could kiss her every waking second of every day. And she burrows right into me when I do. I'm surprised with how much hair she still has because all the kisses she receives.
  • She is still so hispanic-looking. Definitely the most out of all three. So thankful for my little Latina. Sometimes I'm taken aback at how much she looks like my Grandma Vargas.
  • Her favorite person to nap with is Daddy. Maybe Ry finally got a daddy's girl ;-)
  • We've made it a routine that Kolly reads bed time stories in Briggy's bed every night. He loves his special time with her.
  • And Kerigan...she loves to mama Kolly. I've never seen our big girl so nurturing and intentional with her love. It is so awesome to witness.

We ADORE you, Kolly Doll. Fist pumps for your first month!!

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